Interaction Radius

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The Interaction Radius is how close you need to be to an object in Coin Hunt World in order to interact with it. For example, if the interaction radius is 30 metres, you need to be within 30 metres of that object in order to interact with it.

Interaction Radius

Coin Hunt World Interaction Radius
Interaction Radius Objects
30 Metres This is the default interaction radius. All structures and objects on the map default to this radius:

Keybooths, Forges, Vaults, Uservaults Cubiecranes, Cubiedozers, Monoliths, Cauldrons, etc.

~130 Metres alt= PrintshopPrintshops
500 Metres This is the map visibility radius. If you can see it, you can use it.

Headquarters, Buddy Quest See-Saws

  • Tip: You can interact with Buddy Quest See-Saws as long as you can see it on your map. The interaction radius for it is 500 metres. You do not need to go right up to it to click it.