Is Coin Hunt World Legit

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You heard about Coin Hunt World and how easy it is to collect cryptocurrency and get paid out to Uphold? And you are wondering is Coin Hunt World legit?

It does sound to be to good to be true but the Developers of the game are still trying to increase the user base and are willing to lose money for now. The game is still in Early Access and will soon release on Google Play and the Apple Store (waiting for Apple to approve the release version).

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There are a few different ways to show and proof that Coin Hunt World pays out and isn't a scam.

Ask people on Discord how much they made

Join the official Discord and ask questions or check what other users say about the game.

BlocBoi's Purple Vault Payout Proof to Uphold

Purple Vault Payout Proof from BlocBoi May 2021

Coin Hunt World Payout Proof from some Users

Payout from Geeya until September 2021
Payout from Minel until September 2021
Payout from Minel in June 2021
Payout from Zach in April 2021
Payout from Mattyice in April 2021

Payout from Absolem in May 2021

Payout from TIAVICTORIA in April 2021

Payout from Soulzar/Zizzzzy in April 2021

Payout from Anakura in April 2021

Payout History from Jetlaggedandhungry in June 2021