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Leaderboard points are used to rank players on Leaderboards

Actions to Earn Leaderboard Points

Leaderboard points can be earned from:

Video Tutorial

Credit: LeifTheImpaler

Leaderboard Point Values

The following actions will reward you with leaderboard points (LBP):

The point values listed below are unofficial (have not been confirmed by the developers). That said, they provide a mostly accurate picture of the true point value of each action.

The amount of points awarded for solving vaults is dependent on the Gameplay Mode chosen as well as how quickly the vault is solved when using Hunter Mode.

Action Leaderboard Points
Vaults Chill Mode Hunter Mode - Good Hunter Mode - Great Hunter Mode - Perfect
Solving a White Vault or Blue Vault 0.5 0.35 0.7 1
Solving a Green Vault 6 4.2 8.4 12
Solving a Yellow Vault 60 42 84 120
Solving a Red Vault 600 420 840 1200
Solving a Purple Vault 12000
A Uservault you own is solved by another player 1
Action Leaderboard Points
Fueling a Cubiedozer with 100 Resin* 0.5
Fueling a Cubiecrane with 10'000 Resin 50
Completing a Buddy Quest 50
Completing a Walking Quest (all 8 milestones) 450
Printing Cubies (only the first time you print each new cubie)
Printing a Common cubie 50
Printing a Rare cubie 150
Printing an Epic cubie 500
Printing a Legendary cubie ???
Quest Chains
Using a Green Key in a Quest Chain 5
Using a Yellow Key in a Quest Chain 50
Using a Red Key in a Quest Chain 500
Finishing a Quest Chain ???
Referrals (referrer gets awarded the points)
New Player installs game using referral link 0
New Player upgrades Headquarters to level 3 50
New Player solves a Photo Quest for the first time 5
New Player prints a Red Cubie for the first time 500
New Player solves a Green Vault for the first time 5
New Player solves a Yellow Vault for the first time 50
New Player solves a Red Vault for the first time 500
New Player solves a Purple Vault for the first time 12000?
  • *On June 3, 2022 Coin Hunt World put a limit on Leaderboard Points you can earn fueling Cubiedozers. The maximum amount of LBPs you can earn is equal to: 1,000 pucks, 100,000 Resin, 10 Full Cubiedozers, and 500 Leaderboard points.
    • In the Discord, Illsuionweaver wrote the following: "⚠️ Attention Hunters! Uservault rebuild exploit patched ! ⚠️

It is no longer possible to farm leaderboard points (LBPs) by endlessly rebuilding your own or another player's UV's over and over in order to unfairly gain additional leaderboard points. You only receive LBPs from the first 1000 resin pucks that you slide into dozers (either your own, or someone else's). This goes into effect immediately, so if you have slid over 1000 resin pucks into dozers in total, you will no longer receive LBPs for filling any dozers."