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The Local Leaderboard is one of several Leaderboards used in the game to rank players based on Leaderboard Points earned. This particular leaderboard ranks players within the same geographical area, similar to the Country Leaderboards. In the USA the local leaderboards are divided into US State, in Canada they divide by Province and in the UK they divide by country within the UK. El Salvador does not have a local leaderboard as they do not have enough data to break down local regions.

Local Leaderboards were added into the game in October 2021. They show both "All Time" and "Monthly" rankings. The Monthly ranking resets at 00:00 UTC on the 1st of each month. The All Time list only counts LBP earned after 00:00 UTC on October 1st 2021, so it's not truly "All Time" in the same way that Country Leaderboard and Global Leaderboard are.

Leaderboard Points count for inclusion towards a Local Leaderboard score in the region where your Headquarters is placed at the time that the Leaderboard Points are earned. If your Headquarters is not placed at the time you earn the Leaderboard Points then they do not count towards any Local Leaderboard score. This has not been tested but seems to be confirmed in Discord around the time that the Local Leaderboards were released. It is unclear if Country Leaderboard also requires that the Headquarters to be placed in order to earn towards that score, but may be the case.


The Local Leaderboard Monthly contest rewards the top 50 players in that region for that month with Blue Keys. The amount of Blue Keys ranges from 5 to 50 depending on the player's position on the local leaderboard for the month. Rewards are based on the players position at the end of the month as follows:

Ending Position Reward
1 50 alt= Blue KeyBlue Keys
2 40 alt= Blue KeyBlue Keys
3 30 alt= Blue KeyBlue Keys
4 20 alt= Blue KeyBlue Keys
5 10 alt= Blue KeyBlue Keys
6-50 5 alt= Blue KeyBlue Keys


A history of rewards from Local Leaderboards is recorded here: Local Leaderboard Winners