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About Mintopoly

Mintopoly! is a free-to-play mining simulation game that air-drops its players with its own ERC-20 MM (Mintopoly Money) token, or in game NFTs based on their placement when each round finishes.

Play Now!


  • If you don't use a referral you will start without a card.
  • Refer ONE friend and you BOTH get the 'Social Network' dapp card to earn extra income on every block:
  • Refer FIVE friends and you will get the aptly-named 'Pyramid, Inc.' dapp (and they all still get the social network card as well):


Install Metamask

  • Install the app if you plan on playing on your mobile phone
  • Install Metamask plugin on your preferred browswer


  • Backup your secret password to your Metamask wallet!!!!

Connect your wallet to Mintopoly

  • Click Connect Metamask button on the Mintopoly website as soon as you have Metamask installed

Add the Polygon Network

Basic Gameplay

Each round consists of a certain number of “blocks” (Can range from 25,000 to 35,000+ blocks). Each block lasts 15 seconds. You will see a progress bar on your screen showing you time until the next block.

You will also see earnings/block which is the sum of all your investments and boosts from cards if you have them.


Note: the cost to unlock an investment and rewards/block for each investment will vary each round. Each unlock and purchase counts towards your net worth along with earnings from each investment.

Mining Rig

This is the first investment you will make in Mintopoly.

MM Mining rig.JPG

Validator Node

Validators are the second investment you will make in Mintopoly.

MM Validator Node.JPG


Oracles are the third investment you will make in Mintopoly.

MM Oracle.JPG

Smart Contract

Smart Contracts are the forth investment you will make in Mintopoly.

MM Smart Contract.JPG

Automated Trading Bot

Auto trading bot is the third to last investment you will be making.

Newbie Tip: You likely won't be staking or forking on any investment before this round.

MM Trading Bot.JPG

Decentralized Exchange

Investing in your decentralized exchange is the second to last investment you will make.

Newbie Tip: You may consider staking after you finish your investment here, but you likely shouldn't be forking here.

MM Decentralized Exchange.JPG

Centralized Exchange

Investing in your centralized exchange is the last step to the game before you start staking and eventually fork (if you plan to).

MM Centralized Exchange.JPG

Staking Pool

Staking allows you to earn additional interest on your available cash by staking it

  • 200 blocks must pass before withdrawing your investment
  • 200 blocks must pass before each additional staking investment

Hard Forking

Forking is a multiplier to all investments. The costs of investments remain the same, but your entire network and investments will reset to zero. It is recommended to wait to fork with minimum 1000%. This will result in a 10x gain on all your investments (not staking) profit post-forking. You will notice everything happens much quicker after a fork due to this multiplier.

Advanced Gameplay

An easy strategy is to buy an asset until the number of blocks remaining to unlock the higher tier stops going down. Then continue forward. If it takes more than 200 blocks to unlock the next tier after you have maxed it out (meaning the blocks to unlock the next tier no longer decreases upon buying another of the current tier) then it may be worthwhile to stake your remaining funds to generate additional income while you wait.



A total of 3 NFT cards are given out as prizes each round.

The top player of each round receives a Mintopolist card. You can only win this card one time. This ultra rare card gives a 5% boost on all investments. Only 50 will be minted and given out.

Each round has a side competition ranging from things such as “closest to 100,000 net worth without going over” or “top player with 2 or fewer cards” or “top player with most mining rigs and no hard forks”. The side challenges rewards the top 2 players to accomplish the challenge with an NFT card that gives an additional boost to their game.

Mintopoly Money

An airdrop of 1,000,000 MM tokens are distributed amongst the top 200-500 players each round. The number of MM tokens revived is based off of your ranking and total net worth.


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