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The Coin Hunt World New Year Event in 2022 was available on January 1st 2022 for 1 day. Any vaults had a chance to drop the New Year 2022 Cubie blueprint.

New Year Event Cubies

ID Cubie Blueprint Name Tier Recipe Print Time Release Date Release Year Category Event Released Blueprint Counts Flavor Text Will Return First Print Date First Print Player Notes Notes Notes Animation
14 Cubie-NYE2021 Cubie.png N/A NYE2021 Cubie Common N/A 5 min January 1, 2021 2021 Other Holiday New Year Event New Year Event

January 1, 2021

0 Did you know there is no blueprint to make me? No This Cubie Blueprint was exclusive to the 2021 New Year Event and will not return. There are 0 of this Blueprint in the game that were collected that year.

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57 Cubie-New Year 2022 Cubie.png CubieBP-New Year 2022 Cubie Blueprint.png New Year 2022 Cubie Common 500 Yellow Paint250 Red Paint1000 Resin 5 min January 1, 2022 2022 Other Holiday New Year Event New Year Event

January 1, 2022

I do realize I look like I'm repping House Gryffindor. No January 1, 2022 Light This print happened about 6 minutes after the event started, with at least one other player, Sundevils2021 just seconds behind. This Cubie Blueprint was exclusive to the 2022 New Year Event and will not return.

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New Year Event 2022

New Year 2022 Cubie Event Promotional Image.


The Coin Hunt World New Year 2022 Event was announced in Discord and Twitter December 31, 2021.

  • This event was for 24 hours in all regions.
  • The event is expected to return in the future.
  • New Year 2022 Cubie blueprints will only drop during the 2022 Event.

Start of the Event

Saturday January 1, 2022 00:00 UTC

End of the Event

Sunday January 2, 2022 00:00 UTC

Event Cubies

New Year 2022 Cubie

The event features one cubie blueprint, the New Year 2022 Cubie.

End of Event Results

At the end of the event, there were a total of xxx New Year 2022 cubie blueprints distributed to players.


  • Only resin, no paint, was included in the resource boxes.

New Year Event 2021

NYE2021 Cubie was awarded to all players that logged into Coin Hunt World on January 1st, 2021. There are no blueprints for this cubie. Only 91 of this cubie exist in the game, and it will never be released again.