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Is Coin Hunt World not available in your area/region yet? Fret not! You can still play the game via the Coin Hunt World Daily Question.

Simply download and install Coin Hunt World on your mobile device and you get to answer trivia questions to earn crypto. Once you start the game, it will load the Coin Hunt World Daily Question screen. Some users report seeing a login/create an account screen, but this creating a player account is not possible until the game is officially released in your country/region.

Can I still earn crypto even though I don't have access to the full game?

Yes, users who want to play Coin Hunt World (CHW) in a country/region where the game has not been released yet, get to answer a daily trivia question to earn crypto. The earnings accumulated this way transfer to the game seamlessly once the game is released in the country. This was verified by Android user and UK player Ooooskcoooo - iOS user experience may differ.

What is the Coin Hunt World Daily Question?

The Coin Hunt World Daily Question is an opportunity to earn some Cryptocurrency after answering a Trivia Question. Once you start the game, it will ask you if you are ready to answer trivia and a Blue Cubie will be on screen. Click 'Ready' button underneath the Cubie when you are ready.

This will take you to a Trivia Category selection screen, showing 3 possible categories (see Trivia for a list of possible categories). Once you select the category, a 25-second timer will start for you to answer a question. Make sure you hold the right answer for a few seconds in order for it to register. That's it! You have now earned some crypto.

Sometimes, if you answer the Trivia Question correctly, you will get a Resource Box containing some game resources. These can be used once the game fully launches in your country/region. Unfortunately, if the timer runs out or if you select the wrong answer, you will not earn any crypto/resources.

Once you correctly or incorrectly answer the question, it will take you back to the Cubie screen but you will now see a countdown timer that ticks down from 24 hours instead of the 'Ready' button. Once the timer runs out you will be able to answer a new Daily Question.

What happens when CHW is finally released in my area?

While you play the Coin Hunt World Daily Question, you are granted a guest account that will register and accumulate all the crypto & resources earned when correctly answering trivia. Then, when Coin Hunt World is launched in your country/region it will show you a log in/create an account screen. Once you log in/create an account, all the crypto/resources you have been stacking will be displayed in your inventory.

Note for Testflight (iOS) users: the Testflight app might change your guest user ID. This does not happen often, but may occur. If it does occur, then you will lose your inventory.