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Photo Box Contest

Sometimes the Developers hold Photo Competitions to give away prizes to active players.

Look out for announcements on Discord or Twitter.

Weekly Photo Competition

Starting today we are starting to implement a change in how the photoboxes work. You know those blue boxes you sometimes get from vaults asking you to take a nice picture and tweet it?

What are the changes?

First, we had to remove the instant blue key reward, as many players kept abusing the system in a variety of ways. But we found a way to keep them part of the hunting experience — hopefully hunters that enjoyed taking beautiful pictures of vault locations will like this new system just as much!

First: a daily random winner!

Out of all the PhotoBox tweets we will pick one at random every day. That hunter will win a Green Key! The only condition: make sure the picture represents the vault location, so no close ups of sidewalks, car floors, bike handlebars, etc. You get the idea!

Second: the weekly twitter contest!

From now on, we will run weekly Twitter contests that give daily rewards to the best vault pictures of the day and bigger rewards for the best picture of the week!

  • Every Monday at 23:59 UTC, we will announce the theme for the week on our Discord channel #weekly-twitter-contest and on Twitter @CoinHuntWorld
  • The theme could be anything from Urban Art, to Parks, to Restaurants
  • Once the theme is known, every day at 00:00 UTC we will pick a winner by choosing a tweet that fits the weeks’ theme & has the most likes
  • These daily winners receive one green key each
  • Then, on Saturday at 23:59 UTC, we will take a look at all the daily winners. The one with the most liked tweet of the entire week gets one Yellow Key!
  • On top of that, the owner of the Uservault that was featured in the winning tweet of the week gets one yellow key as well!

Why would I still tweet vault pictures?

By tweeting great vault location pictures, you automatically have a chance to win a green key! Every tweet you make also puts your referral code out there, potentially getting another referral linked to your account! If you post great quality/fun pics, you help grow the game. More hunters playing = better for everybody!