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Welcome to the CHW Player Pets page where coin hunters can showcase their fur (or furless) family! If you would like to have your pet added to this page, join us on the CHW discord and message Medvrich or MarvinsMama for details, or click the link below to add your submission! Form created by iSpeakNerd.

Disclaimer: You should never post personal information online including anything that might be a security question or password. Just like with anything else online, please consider all security risks before posting.



  • Name: Bleu
  • Breed/Type: Maine Coon Mix

Bleu was adopted as a kitten at 8 weeks old as is now 4 years old and blew up to a huge 15.5 pound cat. He knows 3 tricks (sit, stand up, and high five), and plays fetch with his toy mice. He also loves to sit in the fridge and never stops meowing.

Alriad Bleu.jpeg

Alriad bleu2.jpeg


  • Name: Marty

Marty, the majestic beast



  • Name: Cat

Blackbeard cat.jpeg


  • Name: Wilbur

Chrimon wilbur.jpeg

Chrimon wilbur2.jpeg

Chrimon wilbur3.jpeg


  • Names: Lily, Squeak, Ruby

My cats, Lily my baby and the mummy. Squeak, noisy from day 1, he loves everybody. Ruby timid to most but the best bed companion.

CoinDemon liliy,squeak,ruby.jpeg

ConnMan2411, TConn2411

  • Names: Marble & Blue

Marble is a tortoiseshell cat and has a little attitude but really it's all hiss and no bite. She is a sweetheart and drools big time when getting pets. She will never admit it but her life became complete when Blue (the gray cat) joined the family. Blue is always down for a buddy quest. He is super affectionate and loves wet food time. He also loves pissing off his big sister and attacking her during her commute to the kitchen. Basically he enjoys bugging the $hi+ out of her.

Conman marbleandblue.jpeg Conman marbleandblue2.jpeg Conman marbleandblue3.jpeg


  • Names: Portgas D. Ace (aka Ace) & Monkey D. Luffy (aka Luffy)

Taco kitty is Ace, Portgas D. Ace is his full name. Uncertain how old he is, he was left at my house a couple of years ago cause I was supposed to watch him for a month or two for a friend and she never came back… Luffy is short for Monkey D. Luffy “the cat who’ll be king of the pirates”. His birthday is June 29, 2019. I adopted him when he was 9 weeks old.

Domhnall cat.jpeg

Domhnall luffy.jpeg


  • Name: Kumi

Dpvdpv Kumi2.jpeg

Dpvdpv Kumi.jpeg


  • Name: Agil (6)

Hello, my name is Agil (AH-HEEL)! I'm 6 years old :D Something that makes me happy is that I recently had a cat cubie made that looks like me in-game :3 My personality includes being cuddly, clingy (at times), and moody. See more of me on discord :)

FiRECIoud agil.jpeg

FiRECIoud agil2.jpeg


  • Name: Baron

Iamian baron.jpeg Iamian baron4.jpeg

  • Name: Pepi

Iamian pepi.jpeg Iamian pepi2.jpeg


  • Name: Hippo

Suffers from anxiety


  • Name: Serafina

Very loving but a serial killer.



  • Name: Jeeves

I crease up every time she crosses her arms. :)

Peregrine jeeves.jpeg


  • Name: Prince

Prince is an outdoor cat we rescued about 6 years ago, he's very friendly with an curious eye for boxes 📦. He’s a hunter as well 😼

Posp cat.jpeg

Posp cat2.jpeg

Posp cat3.jpeg


  • Name: Halla

Halia was named after Goose Island beer. She was a breeder cat that was abused and we rescued her.





Tarastar441 Jet Jayde.jpeg

Tarastar441 jet&jayde2.jpeg

Tarastar441 Jet Jayde3.jpeg


  • Name: Jungle

VibexGavin jungle.jpeg

VibexGavin jungle2.jpeg


  • Name: Junior

Junior loves bathtime. 🐈🚿

Westbeachmusic junior.jpeg

Westbeachmusic junior3.jpeg

Westbeachmusic junior2.jpeg



  • Name: Penny (a.k.a. Penny Pie Supreme or PPS)

Babytooth penny.jpeg Babytooth penny2.jpeg


  • Name: Ninja

Ninja was rescued at the Berks Animal Rescue League in 2012. He has become a loved member of the family despite becoming very chunky.

Beatsmebydre ninja.jpeg


  • Name: Wesley

Blimpalot wesley.jpeg

Blimpalot wesley2.jpeg


  • Name: Thor Odinson

My name is Thor and I like to sit on your feet and get butt scratches. I love to bark, lick and play with my whoomans all day/everyday! Whoof Whoof! My favorite thing do with bmannminer is to take long walks around answering trivia questions and stacking keys. 🐾




  • Name: Arlo

He's a crazy, quirky, lovable rescue I adopted a couple years ago! He loves to go hiking, but the squirrels make him lose his mind!




  • Name: Spot

Pointer Spaniel mix, happy boy in the park!

Cata spot.jpeg

  • Name: Zelda

Rhodesian Ridgeback mix, loves her babies!

Cata zelda.jpeg


  • Name: Rori (Red Headed King)
  • Breed: English Mastiff

Over grown lapdog. Jowls for days... it's not a perma-frown. Snores when he's wide awake.




  • Name: Oliver

Cute puppy vs sith lord puppy.

Emtro oliver.jpeg

Emtro oliver2.jpeg


  • Name: Moko 🕊

“I adopted Moko when he was 11 out of a neglectful home. He was a Project, 😆. With love and time we got him cleaned up and he was the bestest boi through the last 7 years. Moko passed away in July of this year at 18 years old.”

ISpeakNerd Moko.jpeg

ISpeakNerd Moko2.jpeg

ISpeakNerd Moko3.jpeg


  • Name: Dexter

Dexter loves his walks and car rides!





  • Name: Sefi

I was out hunting with my boyfriend at 6am on a Saturday when we came across a dog sleeping in a puddle in a parking lot behind a business (right where a blue vault was). I got her to come to me, dried her off, and loaded her in the car. We went home, posted her picture on Facebook and Neighborhood, and made flyers that I taped up near where we found her. I got her microchip scanned at the vet and it linked back to the local animal shelter. The shelter said she had been in and out of there 3 times in the last few years, and the last owner they had on file had given her away. No one has contacted us about missing her, so we decided to add her to the family! Meet Sefi! She is very loving and happy all of the time, and she loves being around her new humans!

Korkio-sefi.jpeg Korkio-sefi2.jpeg Korkio-sefi3.jpeg

  • Name: Bruschi (9)

Bruschi (pronounced Brew-ski) is a 9 year old rescue pup. He loves going hunting for sats along the lake road and cuddling with his mom while she catches up on the chat in the discord.

Korkio-Bruschi.jpeg Korkio-Bruschi2.jpeg Korkio-Bruschi3.jpeg

  • Name: Salty (9)

Salty is a 9 year old rescue pup. He's a pretty chill dude, except for when other critters invade his backyard and he must yell at them to leave! He's happy that his dad decided to move in with his new mom cuz now he gets to cuddle with her all the time!

Korkio-salty.jpeg Korkio-salty2.jpeg

  • Name: Sandalwood (9)

Sandalwood, often called Sandal or Sandy by her parents, is a 9 year old rescue pup. She loves chasing squirrels and sleeping in tiny beds that were originally bought for her little brother!

Korkio-sandalwood4.jpeg Korkio-sandalwood2.jpeg Korkio-sandalwood3.jpeg


  • Name: Mylo



  • Name: Elsa

Elsa loves being part of the action, any action, even when she doesn't know what the action is.... she is just excited to be part of it. She is clumsy and dumb sometimes but she is the bestest girl

Mamap elsa.jpeg Mamap elsa2.jpeg


  • Name: Dory (born 2013)
  • Breed: Yellow Labrador

Marlov dory.jpeg

MarvinsHouse, MarvinsMama

  • Names: Marvin (~7) & Pearl (10)
  • Breeds: Staffordshire Bull Terrier, Pitbull Terrier

Marvin is the pride and joy of MarvinsMama and MarvinsHouse. They rescued Marvin from the shelter about 6 years ago and never knew such happiness until then. Pearl is MarvinsMama family pup and recently moved in with the Marvin gang. She’s been a playful, loving sister to Marvin ever since!

Marvin Pearl.jpeg



Medvrich, Dragonhunter

  • Names: Rocky (10) Cujo (12) Harley (14)
  • Breeds: Rocky is pit/lab mix, Cujo has some chow, but mix is unknown. Harley is unknown mix but is speculated to have greyhound

Medvrich has had Cujo & Harley since they were pups and they have the same mom but different dads so they are half brothers 2 years apart. Rocky showed up on the doorstep of player HolixTink as a puppy and he claimed her as his momma right away.

Rocky Cujo Harley.jpeg


  • Name: Sorana

Rescued from Romania. Born in 2019

Mintsource-sorana.jpeg Mintsource-sorana2.jpeg Mintsource-sorana3.jpeg


  • Name: Watson (7)

Weight: 80 pounds. Aliases: Meathead, Biscuit Head. Known Associates: Le Chat Noir and Johnny Tightlips. Alleged Crimes: not getting off the heated blanket, head-butting furniture in pursuit of hidden treasures, and looking sideways at the cat.



  • Breed: Husky/German Shepard/Corgi/Australian Shepard mix

A rescue pup :)

NoahApollo Rocky.jpeg

NoahApollo Rocky2.jpeg


  • Name: Mars

Mars is a Papillon Pomeranian mix that that seemingly stopped growing at less than 5 pounds. Named because he looks like a little marsupial, he has become the little mascot of our massive pup pack.




  • Name: Charlie

Vancouver team captain



  • Name: Moose



  • Name: Ryder (4)
  • Breed: Gordon Setter/ German Shepard mix



  • Name: Livi (6 months)
  • Breed: Mini Goldendoodle



  • Name: Dragon
  • Breed: Puggle (half pug half beagle)

Sruffyhobo dragon.jpeg

Sruffyhobo dragon2.jpeg


  • Name: Obie

He was a stray that we rescued and is the best dog ever!



  • Name: Henry

Henry is a chiweenie (dachshund/chihuahua mix) we adopted in December of 2011. He loves food, snuggles, and more food. He is a fan of travel and adventure - whether it's accompanying us on our vacation or going along for a quick hike to hit my uservaults.

Valdyr-henry.jpeg Valdyr-henry2.jpeg Valdyr-henry3.jpeg


  • Name: David

Walhalla david.jpeg Walhalla david2.jpeg


  • Name: Goober

Goober is 15! He's a mutt rescue from rural TN and he's incredibly sweet a gentle.


  • Names: Goober & Sunny

Sunny just turned 7, also a rescue mutt and she was formerly homeless. She's very very loyal and protective... and energetic. We need to bottle up whatever Sunny is on.




  • Breed: Veiled Chameleon
  • 2 years old

NoahApollo Wanheda.jpeg

NoahApollo Wanheda2.jpeg


  • Name: Zoidberg the Axolotl (6)
  • Type: Albino Axolotl

Zoidberg is an underwater reptile known as Axolotl, and he’s an albino type! They live to be between 14-16 years old AND can choose to leave the water and become a salamander if they please. The gills fall off and their lungs kick in full force. Fascinating, right?! They also don’t have a sex until introduced to a group AND can rebuild anything on their body from a leg to an eye… “we had one bite another ones leg off, a small one grew back, once it was fully back he went and hit off the others face, the face grew back…”

Posp Zoidberg.jpeg

Posp Zoidberg2.jpeg

  • Name: Leela the Axolotl (3)
  • Type:

Leela is a new member to the Posp family as of November 6, 2021. Her and Zoidberg have become two peas in a pod.



  • Name: Winter
  • Type: Snow Gecko

Winter is the newest member to the Posp family as of December 5, 2021. Isn’t he so handsome? Look at that smize.



Small pets


  • Name: Tank (2)
  • Breed/Type: Argente rabbit

Tank was rescued by Posp's girlfriend after living in a park for almost a year. Tank is a big boy, weighing 10 lbs and standing at approximately 2-2.5 ft! He's also very vocal, sounds like Thwomp from Mario, and grunts when he plays! So adorable!

Posp tank.jpeg

Posp tank2.jpeg

Posp tank3.jpeg

  • Name: Honey the Hedgehog
  • Breed/Type: Hedgehog

Posp pet Honey.JPG

Posp pet honey2.jpeg


  • Name: Pepitos & Neoninos

The three Pepitos are like piranhas. They will attack food viciously. But then they panic if they hear noise or the humans are too close. The Neoninos are more calm and carefully think through every situation.

Rexmeridia pepitos.jpeg