Purple Vault

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Purple Vault
How to Open Purple Key
Value $1000 USD
Respawn Time During Special Events
Where to Find Special Events

A Coin Hunt World Purple Vault can be opened with Purple Keys. After successfully answering a Coin Hunt World specific Trivia Question, the Purple Vault will drop $1000 worth of Cryptocurrency and a guaranteed Resource Box.

Purple vaults are special in that they have a fixed $1000 reward given that you answer the question correctly. Also, the timer is a fixed 60 seconds for purple vaults.

Uservaults can not be placed within 100m of a purple vault.

Respawn Time

To check how often Vaults and Keys refresh go to Respawn Timers.

Where to find Purple Vaults

  • Every country launch event will have a purple vault.

Interaction Radius

As for all other vault types, you need to be within 30 meters of a Purple Vault to interact with it.

List of all Purple Vaults

Date Location Event Winners
May 4th to May 13th, 2022 Kilauea Overlook HI Hawaii Event 2022 MakikiTiki, Psycho808, Bozwalds, FearlessPocho808
October 30th to November 6th, 2021 Niagara Falls ON Halloween Event 2021 None
October 2nd to 14th 2021 London UK London Launch Event BlocBoi
September 6th to 15th 2021 Bellevue WA Elemental Invasion Event Trugoy
June 4th to 5th 2021 Miami FL Bitcoin Miami Special Event None
May 1st to 10th 2021 Waikiki Beach HI Hawaii Special Event BlocBoi, PrincessHyena

List of all Purple Questions

Purple Vaults are only available during certain Special Events and only have one trivia category: Coin Hunt World.

Purple Vault Trivia:
For examples of Coin Hunt World related Trivia, check out the Medium page

Player Event Question Answer
BlocBoi Hawaii Special Event How many minutes did it take for the Hawaii floating vault to open? 4
BlocBoi Hawaii Special Event Where was the first vault placed? Bellevue
BlocBoi London Launch Event What city was the first to fill up their Cubiecrane? Vancouver
Bozwalds Hawaii Event 2022 Who was the unluckiest hunter during the Pat Morita Event? Detlineman17
FearlessPocho808 Hawaii Event 2022 What was the first Blueprint offered in the Shop? OG Cubie
Jennnie808 Hawaii Event 2022 How many cubies were abandoned in Printshops in 2021? 1040
MakikiTiki Hawaii Event 2022 What was the very first event ever held in CHW? Halloween Event 2020
PrincessHyena Hawaii Special Event Who was the first player to craft the Fire Dragon Cubie? Cryptosaoirse
Trugoy Elemental Invasion Event Who was the first player to craft the Chill Cubie? Cryptosaoirse

First Purple Vault

During the Hawaii Special Event in May 2021 the first purple vault popped up in Hawaii. Player bozwalds was the first player to find the purple vault on Waikiki Beach. Player BlocBoi answered the first purple question correctly.