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There are many Quests in Coin Hunt World.

Recurring Quests

Can be done more than once by a player.

Buddy Quests

Happen between friends in Coin Hunt World and require coordination to complete. They award one Yellow Key to each player.

Photo Quests

Individual Quest that is toggled by suspicious activity in the game and is one of the many anti-cheating mechanisms in place. They award one Mystery Box.

Daily Quests

Walking Quest, the first Daily Challenge got introduced in April 2022.

Walking Quests reset every day at 0:00 UTC (See Respawn Timers page for specific Timezones) and give up to 70 Blue Keys for reaching the maximum.

Event Quests

See Quest Chain. Starting with the 2021 Christmas Event all future big events will have questlines associated with them. The event quest for the 2021 Christmas Event rewarded a "Behind the Scenes" NFT Blueprint to a few of the first players to complete the questline.

Location Quests

Location Quests are quests involving specific landmarks or monuments.

Vendor Quests

Vendor Quests are quests involving specific commercial locations.

Special Quests

Cubiecranes and Yellow Vaults

Players who help build Yellow Vaults by fueling a Cubiecrane with Resin will receive the special Construction Cubie Blueprint.

The 25 players who helped build the very first permanent Yellow Vault in the Cubieverse (in Vancouver, Canada) each received the special Foreman Cubie Blueprint instead.

New Year's Eve Login Quest

Players who logged in on the turn of 2020 to 2021 received the special NewYears Cubie.