Red Ribbons

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Red Ribbons
Resource-Red Ribbons.png
Used for Snowman Cubie

Architect Cubie

How to get 2020 Christmas Event - From Resource Boxes

2021 Christmas Event - From Epic Christmas Trees

What are Red Ribbons used for

ID Cubie Blueprint Name Tier Recipe Print Time Release Date Release Year Category Event Released Blueprint Counts Flavor Text Will Return First Print Date First Print Player Notes Notes Notes Animation
11 Cubie-Snowman Cubie.png CubieBP-Snowman Cubie Blueprint.png Snowman Cubie Epic 200 Lumps of Coal200 Red Ribbons5000 Resin 20 min December 18, 2020 2020 Christmas Christmas Event Christmas Event

December 18, 2020

34 There must have been some bitcoin in this old top hat I swear... No December 19, 2020 Rachel This Cubie Blueprint was exclusive to the 2020 Christmas Event and will not return. There are 34 of this Blueprint in the game that were collected that year.

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33 Cubie-Architect Cubie.png CubieBP-Architect Cubie Blueprint.png Architect Cubie Legendary 100 Beach Cocktail1000 Dragon Scales1000 Red Ribbons100000 Resin 60 min September 17, 2021 2021 CHW

September 17, 2021

1 “Beauty perishes in life, but is immortal in art.” – Leonardo da Vinci No February 14, 2022 Zach Printed on a live stream by Zach about 5 months after he got the blueprint. It took him that long to collect enough resources to print the first cubie.

The one-of-a-kind Architect Blueprint was released in the Auction House at the end of the Elemental Invasion Event. A small bid-war between Zach and BlocBoi led to a win for Zach.

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How to get Red Ribbons

Resource Boxes

During the 2020 Christmas Event you could obtain Red Ribbons from Resource Boxes.

During the 2021 Christmas Event you could obtain Red Ribbons from Epic Christmas Trees.

Auction House Price History

Date Item Quantity Total Blue Key Blue Keyper 100
1901-01-01 01:01:01 Placeholder 1 1 1 1
1902-02-02 02:02:02 Placeholder 2 2 2 2