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ID Vault Tier Category Question Answer
5760 Red Art What painting was painted by Claude Monet? Woman with a parasol
5761 Red Art Which city is the Grand Palais located in? Paris
5762 Red Automotive Match the make to the models: M2, Cascadia and Inspiration? Freightliner
5763 Red Automotive What country does Proton originate from? Malaysia
5764 Red Cinema Finish the film quote "l ate his liver with some " fava beans
5765 Red Cinema What is the name of the prison where the team in Guardians of the Galaxy first meet? Kyln
5766 Red Cinema What member of Matrix's team betrays him in Commando? Bennet
5767 Red Cinema What was the name of the original island in Jurassic park? Isla Nublar
5768 Red Cinema Which of the following military conflicts did Llewelyn Moss serve in in No Country for Old Men? Hundred Years War
5769 Red Cinema Which of the following Spider-Men did not appear in Spider-Man: Into the Spiderverse? Lady Spider
5770 Red Cryptocurrency What is the internet computer trading symbol? ICP
5771 Red Food and Drink Picture trivia of aguadito (soup) Aguadito
5772 Red Food and Drink Picture trivia of Atole (Drink) Atole
5773 Red Food and Drink Picture trivia of croque monsieur sandwich Croque monsieur sandwich
5774 Red Food and Drink Picture trivia of Darjeeling tea Darjeeling tea
5775 Red Food and Drink Picture trivia of Falooda Falooda
5776 Red Food and Drink What dish includes fish rice and rice vinegar? Nigiri
5777 Red Food and Drink What fruit is used in suzette crepes? Oranges
5778 Red General Knowledge The Conservatives celebrated a record majority in the Bridgwater byelection in 1970 winning by a massive 10915 votes the largest in the constituency for 50 years It was the first time which demographic were allowed to vote? 18-20 year olds
5779 Red General Knowledge To whom the warning "Beware the ides of March" was directed at? Julius Ceasar
5780 Red General Knowledge What does a philographist collect? Autographs
5781 Red Geography Picture trivia of Armenia and its flag Armenia
5782 Red Geography What is the capital of Georgia? (the country, not the US state) Tbilisi
5783 Red Geography What is the largest underwater mountain range? The mid-ocean Ridge
5784 Red Halloween Aproximately how many pounds of candy corn are produced every year? 35 million
5785 Red Halloween Original name of Candy Corn? Chicken Feed
5786 Red Halloween What do Scots call trick or treating? Guising
5787 Red Lifestyle What year were the Salem Witch Trials 1692
5788 Red Lifestyle What's the minimum amount of letters for an acceptable word in Boggle? 3
5789 Red Lifestyle When auctioning a painting in Masterpiece the bidding must start no less than which amount? 1000000
5790 Red Music What musical instrument is this? <Picture of a Sitar> Sitar
5791 Red Music Who composed "Messe de Requiem" Giuseppe Verdi
5792 Red Music Who composed LArlsienne? Georges Bizet
5793 Red Science An object at rest stays at rest unless acted upon by an outside force is Newtons First Law of Motion
5794 Red Science ESA shuttles have found over 1000 volcanoes on which planet since 2006? Venus
5795 Red Science For every action there is an equal? Newtons third law of motion
5796 Red Science What are the most abundant gases in the atmosphere? Nitrogen & Oxygen
5797 Red Science What would be the weight on earth of earth's largest artificial satellite? 480 tons
5798 Red Science Which chemical process converts glucose to pyruvic acid? Glycolysis
5799 Red Science Which is not a subatomic particle? Protein
5800 Red Science Which of these is not a phase of mitosis? Semi-phase
5801 Red Science Which planet is a gas giant? Jupiter
5802 Red Sports In tennis an even score is known as? All
5803 Red Sports Which athlete won an olympic gold medal for water polo? Paulo Radmilovic
5804 Red TV How many season did MASH run for? 11
5805 Red TV Which movie is the quote "at my signal unleash hell" from? Gladiator
5806 Red TV Which race car driver did Ashley Judd divorce in 2013? Dario Franchitti
5807 Red TV Which show did not premiere in the 1950s? Family Matters
5808 Red TV Which show did not premiere in the 1960s? Full House
5809 Red TV Which TV character was not played by Katey Sagal? Cameron Howe
5810 Red TV Which TV character was not played by Kelsey Grammer? Titus Andromedon
5811 Red TV Which TV character was not played by Kirsten Bell? Daenerys Targaryen
5812 Red Word Play What is the meaning of the root word "acri"? bitter
5813 Red Word Play What is the meaning of the root word "sen"? senile