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Resources are items used to build structures such as a Uservault and to print a Cubie. Specific types of resources are required to build certain cubies. When you resolve a vault or a uservault, you have a chance of getting a resource box along your crypto box. In that resource box, you will usually receive a certain amount of resin and paint. During special events, other types of resources are dropped for special cubies.

See below for the resource types currently available.

How to get resources

  • Solving Vaults occasionally rewards a Resource Box containing resources.
  • Happy Hour increases the amount of paint in resource boxes from boosted categories to 500, up from the regular 25.
  • Through the Auction House, you can bid on resources other players are selling.
  • The developers mentioned that in the future there will be new ways of getting resources from past events.

Resource Checklist

CHW resource chart.jpg

Types of resources




Materials from Location Quests

Volcano Ritual Location Quest

Materials from Vendor Quests

Sushi Quest

Materials from Special Events

Chinese New Year Event

Doge Week Event

World Cup Event

Hawaii Event

Canada Day Event

July 4th Event

London Launch Event

El Salvador Launch Event

Elemental Invasion Event

Cubie Air Event

Halloween Event

Pat Morita Event

Christmas Event