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Default Resource Box

Players have a chance to receive a Resource Box after they answer the vault Trivia Question successfully.

The Resource Box is the grey gift box.

Trivia Question answered correctly and receiving a Prize Box, Twitter Box and a Resource Box.

Content of a Resource Box

Resource Boxes drop different amounts of Paint depending on the opened Vault since June 25th 2021.

  • Tier 1 and 2: Can drop any colored paint.
  • Tier 3 and 4: Can drop any colored paint except Blue Paint.
Vault Type Resource Box Tier Paint Amount
Blue Vault Resource Box 1 25
Uservault Resource Box 1 25
Green Vault Resource Box 2 100
Yellow Vault Resource Box 3 500
Red Vault Resource Box 4 2000
Purple Vault Resource Box 4 2000
Tiered Resource Boxes revealed during Hunters Lodge in June 2021.

Boosted Resource Box during Happy Hour

Every day a random hour is selected to be Happy Hour. During Happy Hour a random category is boosted! Solving questions from a boosted category yields a tier 3 resource box which is normally given by solving a Yellow Vault.

Event Resource Boxes

During events, an alternative resource box will drop, containing event related resources rather than paint.

  • Event 1 Resource Box
  • Event 2 Resource Box
  • Event 3 Resource Box
  • Event 4 Resource Box