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Default Resource Box

Players have a chance to receive a Resource Box after they answer the vault Trivia Question successfully.

Trivia Question answered correctly and receiving a Prize Box and a Resource Box.

Contents of Resource Boxes

All vaults have at least a 50% chance of dropping a Resource Box in addition to the Crypto Prize Box. These Boxes contain various game items according to the vault color.

Resource Box Content by Vault Color
Vault Color Resource BoxDrop Rate Guaranteed Low Chance Very Low Chance
White VaultWhite 50% 200 Resin

25 Random Color Paint

Random Basic Color Cubie Blueprint
Blue VaultBlue 50% 200 Resin

25 Random Color Paint

Random Basic Color Cubie Blueprint
Green VaultGreen 100% 500 Resin Random Basic Color Cubie Blueprint Home Country Stamp
Yellow VaultYellow 100% 1,000 Resin

Home Country Stamp

Red VaultRed 100% 5,000 Resin
Purple VaultPurple 100% 10,000 Resin

Boosted Resource Box during Happy Hour

Every day a random hour is selected to be Happy Hour. During Happy Hour a random category is boosted! Solving questions from a boosted category yields 500 paint in White Vaults and Blue Vaults.

Event Resource Boxes

During events, an alternative resource box will drop, containing event related resources rather than paint.

  • Event 1 Resource Box
  • Event 2 Resource Box
  • Event 3 Resource Box
  • Event 4 Resource Box
  • July 4th Resource Box
  • Canada Day Resource Box