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This is a list of newly implemented changes in Coin Hunt World and possible future implementations mentioned by the development team on Discord or other official channels for the Coin Hunt World Roadmap.

Newly Implemented

These are things that have been added to the game

  • A new Legendary cubie has been added to the game. It is called Architect and is 1/1. It was purchased in the Auction House by player Zach for 5 purple Keys
  • The random encounter feature (e.g. spawning Monolith) will be used in the game moving forward
  • A player can only receive each Cubie Blueprint drop once
  • Auction House opened for business on August 1st. Soon there will be a "buy now" feature added to AH
  • Every country where Coin Hunt World will be released will get a special national cubie
  • Packages received in the HQ mailbox now show a description of what the package is for
  • We now have local Leaderboards as well as leaderboards for referrals, trivia and cubie collection
  • There is now a "dark mode" option in-game
  • Players now get a warning when placing a Uservault if it will be replacing a Blue Vault

Coming Soon

These are things that have been confirmed to being added soon

  • More countries will be added as the game grows
  • Spanish will be the the next language supported in game
  • More types of Buddy Quests
  • More yellow vaults/Cubiecranes
  • Decorations for cubies beyond the skins
  • Merchandise store coming
  • Red structures. No details on that yet
  • New resources coming to help build up and customize structures and cubies
  • New structures that can only be built if a specific cubie is equipped
  • There will be a new next-gen type of resource that will only drop from higher tier vaults
  • Cubie Blueprints (rare, epic and legendary) will be minted as NFTs
  • There will be another system where resources of Cubie Blueprints that no longer drop get generated into the game
  • Vaults will stay on the map in a deactivated way until reset
  • City quests. No further information on that yet
  • Small businesses will be able to build up something in-game. No details on that so far
  • Players will be able to toggle the walking direction on or off in the settings depending on their preference
  • Other crypto will be added soon with new events

Ideas That Could Be Implemented In The Future

These are ideas from the devs that they would like to see in the game at some point


  • Next wave of Cubiecranes possibly going to college campuses
  • Real time raids or vaults that require more than one person to open and solve
  • Player submitted trivia
  • Ways to help sparse/rural areas
  • Cubies to have meaningful effects in the game


  • Streak bonuses for trivia
  • Walking will be more rewarding than other movement methods in the future
  • More uses for bigger keys
  • The Uservault system is going to get completely redone with much deeper game play, different structures, upgrades, etc. All of this will require higher tier keys
  • Gifting is probably going to happen at some point