Scorpio Cubie

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Scorpio Cubie
Cubie-Scorpio Cubie.png
Rarity Rare
Blueprint Cost N/A
Recipe N/A
Print Time N/A
Blueprints N/A
Release November 1st 2022

Scorpio Cubie is the final reward for completing the November 2022 Adventure Road.

  • Scorpio Cubie is the first Cubie to have an animation that goes beyond the bounds of the Leaderboard box.

Scorpio Cubie Animation

First Obtained Scorpio Cubie

Auction House Price History


Date Item Quantity Total Blue Key Blue Key
1901-01-01 01:01:01 Placeholder 1 1 1 1
1902-02-02 02:02:02 Placeholder 2 2 2 2