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Getting Started To learn How-to-Play Coin Hunt World you’ve found the right place. The Coin Hunt World Wiki is the most active, accurate, comprehensive and complete hunters guide available. Founded and created by CHW Hunter; Marlov, the information provided herein is direct-sourced from the game developers, and many of the top global players. Use the guide to enhance your gameplay experience, become a top global player, and to help you collect as much cryptocurrency as possible. Follow the Coin Hunt World Wiki on Twitter at ‎ ‎ for news, updates and leaks, including announcements, updates, and special events direct from the Coin Hunt World Team.

About Coin Hunt World

Coin Hunt World (CHW) is a Free-to-Play, Play-to-Earn Mobile Geolocation Trivia Game.

The game is currently available on Android, and is on beta-hold for iOS pending release.

Players, known as Hunters, explore the real-world in and around their local areas, regions, and countries, searching for Keybooths to collect Blue Keys that are used to open Blue Vaults.

When a vault is opened the Hunter is prompted with a trivia question, and if answered correctly within the Trivia Time Limit(s), the Hunter is rewarded with up to three Prize Boxes; one always being cryptocurrency.

Currently, Hunters are awarded Bitcoin or Ethereum in one of their gift boxes, and possibly a Blue Key or Green Key.

In one or two of the other possible Prize Boxes, Hunters are rewarded with in-game items which can include; Resin, Paint, and possibly Cubie Blueprints for the traditional Coin Hunt World Cubies; the Green Cubie, Yellow Cubie, Red Cubie, and Purple Cubie.

During Special Events, gift boxes can reward hunters with special Cubie Blueprints, Cubies, Resources, Cubie Materials, and other cryptocurrency tokens like DOGE, VBK, and SUKU.

Current Gameplay – The Here and Now

Coin Hunt World offers many elements others do not; a free play-to-earn, zero-dollar investment platform, community-based, mobile geo-location trivia game that pays out more in crypto per task than any other game today.

Launched in 2020 and having just celebrated the 1st year anniversary in July 2021, CHW has had an incredible player base growth from 1000 to 50,000+ players in a matter of months, and only on Android devices.

From inception which introduced the basic elements of the game in the United States and Canada in 2020, to the close of 2021 with the United Kingdom and El Salvador joining the community; multiple special events have showcased the vision and direction of the developers far into the future.

Future Gameplay – The Inside Scoop

As the game has developed over the past year, and because the developers are closely and actively involved with the playing community, game-play advances on a monthly basis with new tasks, challenges, events, and rewards.

Recent news has identified the addition of NFTs into the game starting in December 2021, and new player-built and operated structures that will expand the game into its own real-world economy in 2022.