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Hello there! This guide was created by Lucvend to help you optimize your Coin Hunt World (CHW) experience. It is far from being exhaustive but should give you a very good boost.

Getting started

First things first

  • Build your Headquarters: Before anything, build your Headquarters as soon as possible. Ideally, place it at your home. To have an Headquarters gives you access to a Mystery Box 3 times a day and your mailroom. If you delay in building your Headquarters, you will miss out on many free resources that are important in the beginning of your CHW experience. Once your Headquarters is built, you need to work to upgrade it to level 2 to have access to Uservaults. To upgrade, click on the cogwheel that is at the upper right of your Headquarters screen. This will open up the quest chain to complete and unlock the upgrade.
  • Get walking: Completing Walking Quests in the game's main way of getting keys and you will need lots of them. Complete as many levels as you can, everyday. It takes too much time? Break your walking into a few session. Keep your phone on the side of your body, the game seems to be registering steps better.
  • Dont rush for the Adventure Road: Adventure Road has many interesting items. But as a new player, they wont be as useful to you for a while. Try to complete a few of these challenges but don't expect to be able to finish it in the first month of playing. I would also not recommend buying the Adventure Pass until you have unlocked the Headquarters level 3.

Build your Uservault Network

  • Upgrade your Headquarters to level 2!: Uservault are available only if your Headquarters is at level 2.
  • Stake your ground!!!: Hurry up to seize the best spots in your community. Uservault placement will be very important in the future . Plant your 10 Yellow Flag before other players get them. The quicker you are, the better you will be positioned for the future. Parks, public attractions and shopping malls are ideal.
  • Setup your Key and Resource factories: A network of well placed Uservaults will become a major part of your Key and Resource income. Place your Uservault on a circuit that you will regularly do, ideally every day. This way you maximize your Key and Resource return.
  • Do not destroy Vaults. Be careful where you plant your Yellow Flag. Vaults have a 100m interaction radius. You may destroy the existing Vault, so place your Yellow Flag outside of it. Destroying a Vault will reduce the return in Resource long term and deprive other players of the same. You can always remove a flag...but once it is approved and turned into a Cubiedozer, you won't be able to move it until completed. Use the planning flag function on to help your Uservault setup.
  • Harness the snowballing effect!: You live in a rural area with few points of interest? Use yourUservault to build up your neighborhood. When other players in your community start playing, they will use your Uservault that will reward you with a Blue Key. Then these players will build their own Uservault that you will be able to use, making your area more active and attractive for fellow hunters. This will take time, but it will snowball!

Get your Resources

  • When you start playing CHW, you will be starving for Resources to build your Uservaults. You will have to successfully answer questions in Vault in order to get a chance in getting a Resource Box that will give you Resin.
  • If you can find them, you can shake a Resin Tree that will give you a good amount of Resin.
  • You are low on paint? Do the Happy Hour! Happy Hours are the best occasions to fill up on paint as boosted categories give 500 paint. Many players use the Key burning technique to get more Resources. They will answer wrong on purpose in order to get another chance to get the boosted category. Obviously, you need a sizeable stack of Blue Key to use that technique. Warning, this might not be a good approach anymore with more trivia categories now.

Getting beyond the noob stage

  • Do not forge your Blue Key if it is not to build Uservaults or to purchase Cubie Blueprints in the Shop. It is not worth it over time to forge 10 Blue Key to 1 Green Key because that means 10 Blue Vaults not resolved, so 10 lost opportunities to get crypto, bonus keys and resources. Opening a Green Vault with your 10 forged Blue Key increases the risk of losing all if you answer wrongly to the question. In average, you gain more in opening more Blue Vault.
  • Only Forge keys to buy a rare or epic object. The store is open and you are missing the keys to buy that blueprint? This is the best occasion to forge your dearly gained keys. Generally, blueprints and cubies will gain in value in the Auction House. So it is worth it to forge your keys. CHW developers have said that keys will become more and more important as the game evolves. Gather those keys!!!
  • Grow your Cubie and Blueprint inventory. A special cubie blueprint is available in the store? Do not miss out! Future versions of CHW will see an increased importance for having different cubies. The blueprints will also have value in the Auction House.
  • Hoard your keys ! Keys are the main currency in CHW. You need to have a good stack of them to meet any needs at all times for events and that special blueprint. To gather many quickly, avoid opening vaults for a while. 200 Blue Keys should be enough for starters for the equivalent of 2 Yellow Keys. The Auction House reinforces the need to have a good key stack.
  • Do your Buddy Quest! The Buddy Quest is the best way to get a Yellow Key. As previously mentioned, forging keys has greater risks of missing lots of resources.

Quick hints to... get more keys

  • Do all your daily activity quests without doing any vaults!!!
  • Extend your hunting territory.
  • Open all your Mystery Boxes!!!
  • Do not forge keys unless to purchase that coveted item.
  • Only open Uservaults, they have more chances to give you bonus keys.
  • Have a Uservault network that gives you good bonus key revenue.
  • Sell items in the Auction House. get more crypto

  • Hunt in Hunter Mode for maximum rewards.
  • Take advantage of resets to hunt twice a day but that requires lots of keys.
  • Study the questions to answer quickly in order to get 100% reward.
  • Sell your resources, blueprints and Cubies in the Auction House to get more keys.
  • Do not buy items in the Auction House, this can cost you a lot of keys.
  • Follow Bitcoin and Ethereum markets, and hunt when their value drops. Hunt the Dip!

...get more resources

...climb the leaderboards

  • Plan when you will be competitive in the Leaderboards. It is hard to stay competitive every month. You have to do targeted blitz.
  • Answer questions quickly. Only perfect answers will give you maximum Leaderboard Points.
  • Maximize your Buddy Quests in your competitive month. Example: wait for the 1st of the month to finish a BQ and finish your last BQ of the month before the end of month.
  • Stack your Cubie Blueprints to print for your competitive month. Rare, epic and legendary cubies are to be prioritized. However, only first prints will give you points.
  • Drop Resin in Cubiedozers (Limited to the first 100,000 Resin) and Cubiecranes.
  • Have a good Uservault network that will be visited frequently by other players.
  • Invite more players to play using your referral link.

Start Playing

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