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Overview of the category

Technology questions range from knowledge based on certain product release dates, to names of company founders to technical jargon meanings.

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Blue Vault Questions

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ID Vault Tier Category Question Answer
2668 Blue Technology A video on YouTube which has over 10 million views stars 2 year old Makena singing a song by which British singer? Adele
2669 Blue Technology Apple gave us which much anticipated product in 20107 iPad
2670 Blue Technology Apple was founded in which year? 1976
2671 Blue Technology As of 2014 how many versions of the iPad has there been? 7
2672 Blue Technology Bill Gates founded which company in Albuquerque, New Mexico in 1975? Microsoft
2673 Blue Technology Blu-Ray is a type of what? Optical Disc Storage
2674 Blue Technology Eric Schmidt served as CEO of which company from 2001-2011? Google
2675 Blue Technology From where can you access data stored in a cloud? Anywhere
2676 Blue Technology From which word does the abbreviation of the top-level domain extension '.com' come? Commercial
2677 Blue Technology Hotmail was a type of what? Email Account
2678 Blue Technology HP and IBM are brands of which product? Computers
2679 Blue Technology If you go on the internet in a cafe what access route are you using? Wi Fi
2680 Blue Technology In printers HP is a short term for what? Hewlett Packard
2681 Blue Technology In which state is the HQ of Facebook? California
2682 Blue Technology Known affectionately as The Woz who created the Apple and Apple Il computers? Steve Wozniak
2683 Blue Technology Larry Page and Sergey Brin founded which company? Google
2684 Blue Technology Match the logomark to the brand: <Picture of Bitcoin Logo> Bitcoin
2685 Blue Technology Match the logomark to the brand: <Picture of Dropbox Logo> Dropbox
2686 Blue Technology Match the logomark to the brand: <Picture of Facebook Logo> Facebook
2687 Blue Technology Match the logomark to the brand: <Picture of Microsoft logo> Microsoft
2688 Blue Technology Match the logomark to the brand: <Picture of Roblox Logo> Roblox
2689 Blue Technology Match the logomark to the brand: <Picture of Slack logo> Slack
2690 Blue Technology Match the logomark to the brand: <Picture of Uphold Logo> Uphold
2691 Blue Technology Match the logomark to the brand: <Picture of Wikipedia Logo> Wikipedia
2692 Blue Technology Microsoft was founded by Bill Gates and who? Paul Allen
2693 Blue Technology Nintendo aimed to make gaming physically active with which console? Wii
2694 Blue Technology On Apple products, what is FaceTime? Video calling
2695 Blue Technology OS stands for ? Operating System
2696 Blue Technology Sales of which business smartphone plummeted when the iPhone came along? Blackberry
2697 Blue Technology Steve Jobs passed away in which year? 2011
2698 Blue Technology The 1st gen iPod Mini had what memory capacity? 4GB
2699 Blue Technology The Apple I basically consisted of what? Circuit Board
2700 Blue Technology Which company logo is this? <Picture of Adobe logo> Adobe

Green Vault Questions

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ID Vault Tier Category Question Answer
5029 Green Technology 60 of the batteries used in Apple products are made where? Taiwan
5030 Green Technology A popular video on YouTube is of a tap dancing cover of the 'Cups Song' which was originally by which singer? Anna Kendrick
5031 Green Technology A program that catalogues Web sites is called a what? Spider
5032 Green Technology A video which has been viewed over 2 million times on YouTube is a news story about a leprechaun sighting in which US state? Alabama
5033 Green Technology A website giving people articles and information is a what? Blog
5034 Green Technology Actor Jeff Goldblum appeared in an ad for what product in 2000? iMovie
5035 Green Technology All iPad Minis have what kind of backlighting? LED
5036 Green Technology Alongside whom did Bill Gates co-found software company Microsoft? Paul Allen
5037 Green Technology American Airlines raised its investment in which airline to prevent its acquisition by Delta? Japan Airlines
5038 Green Technology An Apple patent for what kind of display was revealed in 2013? Wraparound
5039 Green Technology Apple admitted to using what in 2010? Child Labour
5040 Green Technology Apple announced the arrival of which product in September 2014? Apple Wallet
5041 Green Technology Apple designer Jonathan Ive is what nationality? British
5042 Green Technology Apple filed a patent for what new item in 2011? Camera Lens
5043 Green Technology Apple had how many founders? 3
5044 Green Technology Apple have been sued many times by Apple Corp, the record label of which band? Beatles
5045 Green Technology Apple is the second largest tech company in the world in terms of revenue after who? Samsung
5046 Green Technology Apple legend Steve Jobs was what nationality? American
5047 Green Technology Apple posted a gross revenue of how much for the last quarter of 2014? $42.1bn
5048 Green Technology Apple's first scanner had which inventive name? Apple scanner
5049 Green Technology Apple's retina display is manufactured by who? Samsung
5050 Green Technology Apples first portable computer, AKA laptop, was called what? Macintosh Portable
5051 Green Technology As of 2013 the App Store offered more than how many apps from both Apple and third parties? 1m
5052 Green Technology As of 2018, who was at the top of the Forbes Billionaires rich list? Jeff Bezos
5053 Green Technology As of 2021 the App Store offered more than how many apps from both Apple and third parties? 3 million
5054 Green Technology Aside from North Korea, what is the only other country around the world not to stock Coca-Cola? Cuba
5055 Green Technology At what university did Bill Gates study? Harvard
5056 Green Technology Bill Gates invested how much in Apple in 1997? $150m
5057 Green Technology Blogger was developed by which company acquired by Google? Pyra Labs
5058 Green Technology Board meetings are very much in the decline thanks to what? Conference Calling
5059 Green Technology Compact consumer cameras use what style of picture taking? Point and Shoot
5060 Green Technology Early iPod Nano's had which traditional feature? Click Wheel
5061 Green Technology First gen mini iPod capacity? 4gb only
5062 Green Technology For which country Suzuki renamed its Splash model car as Ritz? India
5063 Green Technology From which app do you purchase music? iTunes
5064 Green Technology Google's flagship phone line before the Pixel was? Nexus
5065 Green Technology Googles flagship phone line before the Nexus
5066 Green Technology Hong Kong and which other city form the original name of HSBC? Shanghai
5067 Green Technology How do sites such as Fiverr make their money? Commission From Sellers
5068 Green Technology How do sites such as Guru and Fiverr make their money? Commission From Sellers
5069 Green Technology How many Apps did the Apple App Store initially launch with? 500
5070 Green Technology How many buttons did the Gameboy have? 4
5071 Green Technology How many buttons with single letters did the original Gameboy have? 2
5072 Green Technology How many different colour objects fall in the mobile app version of Tetris? 7
5073 Green Technology How many generations of iPod Nano were there? 7
5074 Green Technology How many major optical and near infrared telescopes at the La Silla site are under ESO? Two
5075 Green Technology How many songs could the original iPod store? 1000
5076 Green Technology How much did Yahoo pay for Tumblr? $1.1 Billion
5077 Green Technology How old was Steve Jobs when he passed away in 2011? 56
5078 Green Technology Humming, singing or playing a recorded track in to which of these mobile apps will help you identify a song? SoundHound
5079 Green Technology If you came acress a Floor Flange in your job, what would you be? Plumber
5080 Green Technology If you grind grain into flour for a living, what is your job? Miller
5081 Green Technology In 1969 who created the first artificial heart? Domingo Santo Liotta
5082 Green Technology In 2004 Mozilla released version 1.0 of its email and news client, titled what? Thunderbird
5083 Green Technology In what country was chicken restaurant Nando's founded? South Africa
5084 Green Technology In what Kind ot building was Google created? A Garage
5085 Green Technology In what year did Jonathan Ive, head of design join Apple? 1992
5086 Green Technology In what year did Steve Jobs merge Pixar with Disney? 2006
5087 Green Technology In what year was the Apple OS 'Jaguar" launched? 2002
5088 Green Technology In what year was the Apple OS 'Leopard' launched? 2007
5089 Green Technology In what year was the Apple OS Lion launched? 2011
5090 Green Technology In what year was the first Grand Theft Auto video game released? 1997
5091 Green Technology In what year was the game 'Doodle Jump' first released? 2009
5092 Green Technology In what year was Words With Friends first published? 2009
5093 Green Technology In which country was the game Top Eleven Football Manager created? Serbia
5094 Green Technology In which mobile game are you positioned in a truck and pitted against a boatload of super-strong, leaping zombies? Zombie Highway
5095 Green Technology Jeff Bezos worked where before founding Amazoncom? Wall Street
5096 Green Technology Jimmy Fallon's parody of which TV show became a popular video on YouTube? Breaking Bad
5097 Green Technology Jonah Peretti is the founder of which website? Buzzfeed
5098 Green Technology Kettles turn electrical energy into what type of energy? Heat
5099 Green Technology Launched in 1997 what was the Pippin? Multimedia Console
5100 Green Technology LG accused Apple of basing the design of the iPhone on which of their models? Prada
5101 Green Technology Many of the first generation of which iPod was recalled due to overheating issues? Nano
5102 Green Technology Metals can often conduct what? Electricity
5103 Green Technology MGM Mirage has which ticker symbol? MGM
5104 Green Technology Michael Dell founded Dell Computers when he was a student at which state university? Texas
5105 Green Technology Mixi is a website based in which country? Japan
5106 Green Technology Name the most popular video messaging service in the world? Skype
5107 Green Technology Name the worlds largest mobile network which Apple struck a deal with in late 2013? China Mobile
5108 Green Technology Of these, which is a documentary about Silicon Valley that featured Apple? Something Ventured
5109 Green Technology Ohms are used as a unit of what? Resistance
5110 Green Technology On a TV or computer monitor what does the measurement advertised refer to? The Diagonal
5111 Green Technology On January 7, 2013 Apple announced how many App had been downloaded? 40 billion apps
5112 Green Technology One of the few games available for the Pippin was Marathon the predecessor to which smash hit franchise? Halo
5113 Green Technology Production of the 1st gen iPad was discontinued in which year? 2011
5114 Green Technology Sergey Brin is one of the founders of? Google
5115 Green Technology Sony is a global electronics brand from which country? Japan
5116 Green Technology Steve Jobs predicted a 'holy war' with who for 2011 in an email made public after his death? Google
5117 Green Technology Steve Jobs said the 5GB iPod put what in your pocket? 1000 Songs
5118 Green Technology Tetris was first released in which year? 1984
5119 Green Technology The 1st commercially available video game console released in 1972 was called what? Magnavox Odyssey
5120 Green Technology The 1st gen iPod touch included WiFi access to what? YouTube
5121 Green Technology The ad for the first Macintosh computer was inspired by which classic novel? 1984
5122 Green Technology the App Store was launched in 2008 to sell apps for the iPhone and which other device? iPod Touch
5123 Green Technology the Apple Lisa was named after who? Steve Jobs Daughter
5124 Green Technology The Apple Lisa was named after who? Steve Jobs' daughter
5125 Green Technology The biggest selling Smartphone in the world is? iPhone
5126 Green Technology The courtroom battles between Apple and which company made worldwide headlines? Samsung
5127 Green Technology The E in LED stands for? Emitting
5128 Green Technology The first generation iPhone was released with how much DRAM? 128 MB
5129 Green Technology What year was the game 'Candy Crush Saga' released? 2012
5130 Green Technology Which of these is a brand of audio devices? Beats Headphones
5131 Green Technology Who was the CEO of IBM in 2010? Samuel J. Palmasiano

Yellow Vault Questions

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ID Vault Tier Category Question Answer
5697 Yellow Technology A camera is used to take what? Photographs
5698 Yellow Technology Autoliv has which ticker symbol? ALV
5699 Yellow Technology Beckii Cruel gained YouTube notoriety by dancing to pop songs from which country? Japan
5700 Yellow Technology Bing offers what kind of service? Search Engine
5701 Yellow Technology BK is the ticker symbol for which company? Bank of New York Mellon Corp
5702 Yellow Technology Due to contributions to applications like Wikipedia and Myspace, in 2006, who won Time's Person of the Year? You
5703 Yellow Technology EMN is the ticker symbol for which company? Eastman Chemical
5704 Yellow Technology Facebook was originally created for who to keep in touch? Students
5705 Yellow Technology FPL is the ticker for which company? FPL Group
5706 Yellow Technology GUI is short for what? Graphical User Interface
5707 Yellow Technology Heart monitors built into what are now readily available? Watches
5708 Yellow Technology Henry Ford founded the Ford car company in which year? 1903
5709 Yellow Technology HNZ is the ticker symbol for which company? H.J. Heinz
5710 Yellow Technology How is Laina Morris more popularly known in a meme which began life on a YouTube video? Overly Attachted Girlfriend
5711 Yellow Technology How many day was there between the announcement of the iPad Mini 3 and its release? 6
5712 Yellow Technology If a charged object is brought near to an uncharged one, what happens? They attract
5713 Yellow Technology In 2012, a video of Barack Obama singing what artist went viral on YouTube? Al Green
5714 Yellow Technology In physics, by measuring current through and potential difference across a component what can you calculate? Resistance
5715 Yellow Technology In what year did Apple IPO to sell shares to the public? 1980
5716 Yellow Technology In which city are the headquarters of Twitter? San Francisco
5717 Yellow Technology James Rolfe is popular on YouTube as an 'Angry Nerd', what is the subject of his videos? Video Games
5718 Yellow Technology KBR has which ticker symbol? KBR
5719 Yellow Technology Liz Claiborne has which ticker symbol? LIZ
5720 Yellow Technology Located in Santa Clarita Valley this is the high tech hub of the US Silicon Valley
5721 Yellow Technology What state has the smallest Apple Store? California
5722 Yellow Technology When was MacOS Panther released? 2003
5723 Yellow Technology Which year did the first iPhone hit the market? 2007
5724 Yellow Technology Who sent the first email? Ray Tomlinson

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