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Below are some useful Coin Hunt World tips and tricks that might help you be more successful in the game.

Speed up Key Collection Animation

When the key collection animation starts, an arrow at the top left corner can be clicked to skip the animation. This is very useful when players are in a car as a passenger and can collect a lot of keys in a short span of time.

Optimize Happy Hour Resource Return

During Happy Hour cancel trivia (select the wrong answer) until the Happy Hour category shows up. This will cost you a Blue Key for every try but if it's a common category like General Knowledge, Geography, Entertainment, Lifestyle etc. it is very well worth it. Every correct Happy Hour answer will drop a yellow vault equivalent of resources which means 500 Paint.

Do a weekly Buddy Quest

Join the community on Discord. There is a channel to find Buddy Quest partners. You can only do 1 Buddy Quest with each friend on your friends list. Doing a Buddy Quest will give you a Yellow Key.

Battery Saver Mode

On some Android phones, a battery saver mode will cut network connectivity to background apps. If you are doing a trivia question and switch to Google (or any other app) to look up an answer, when you switch back to Coin Hunt World you may find the game got disconnected. If your phone has low battery and battery saver mode is enabled, this might have been the cause. In one instance, it caused a player to get a red vault trivia question wrong and lose out on up to $100 in crypto. The suggestion is to disable that feature on your phone, or if possible just disable it on a per-app basis for Coin Hunt World.