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To learn How-to-Play Coin Hunt World you’ve found the right place. The Coin Hunt World Wiki is the most active, accurate, comprehensive and complete hunters guide available. Founded and created by CHW Hunter; Marlov, the information provided herein is direct-sourced from the game developers, and many of the top global players. Use the guide to enhance your gameplay experience, become a top global player, and to help you collect as much cryptocurrency as possible. Follow the Coin Hunt World Wiki on Twitter at ‎ ‎ for news, updates and leaks, including announcements, updates, and special events direct from the Coin Hunt World Team.

About Coin Hunt World

Coin Hunt World (CHW) is a Free-to-Play, Play-to-Earn Mobile Geolocation Trivia Game.

The game is currently available on Android, and is on beta-hold for iOS pending release.

Players, known as Hunters, explore the real-world in and around their local areas, regions, and countries, searching for Keybooths to collect Blue Keys that are used to open Blue Vaults.

When a vault is opened the Hunter is prompted with a trivia question, and if answered correctly within the Trivia Time Limit(s), the Hunter is rewarded with up to three Prize Boxes; one always being cryptocurrency.

Currently, Hunters are awarded Bitcoin or Ethereum in one of their gift boxes, and possibly a Blue Key or Green Key.

In one or two of the other possible Prize Boxes, Hunters are rewarded with in-game items which can include; Resin, Blue Paint, Green Paint, Yellow Paint, Red Paint, Purple Paint, White Paint and possibly Cubie Blueprints for the traditional Coin Hunt World Cubies; the Green Cubie, Yellow Cubie, Red Cubie, and Purple Cubie.

During Special Events, gift boxes can reward hunters with special Cubie Blueprints, Resources, and other cryptocurrency tokens like Dogecoin, Veriblock, and Suku.

Current Gameplay – The Here and Now

Coin Hunt World offers many elements others do not; a free Play_to_Earn, zero-dollar investment platform, community-based, mobile geo-location trivia game that pays out more in crypto per task than any other game today.

Launched in 2020 and having just celebrated the 1st year anniversary in July 2021, CHW has had an incredible player base growth from 1000 to 50,000+ players in a matter of months, and only on Android devices.

From inception which introduced the basic elements of the game in the United States and Canada in 2020, to the close of 2021 with the United Kingdom and El Salvador joining the community; multiple special events have showcased the vision and direction of the developers far into the future.

Future Gameplay – The Inside Scoop

As the game has developed over the past year, and because the developers are closely and actively involved with the playing community, game-play advances on a monthly basis with new tasks, challenges, events, and rewards.

Recent news has identified the addition of NFTs into the game starting in December 2021, and new player-built and operated structures that will expand the game into its own real-world economy in 2022.

Game Availability

United States Available in all 50 States
Canada Available in all 10 Provinces & 3 Territories
United Kingdom Available in England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland
El Salvador Available throughout the Country
Philippines Beta launched April 20th 2022
Coming Soon! Check back often for future release dates and places


  • Wiki Note: Players have one (1) opportunity to create their in-game User Name during set-up. Once the game name you select is entered and confirmed it cannot be changed.

Android Play Now

Click the "Play Now" button above to sign-up and receive a referral bonus of two Mystery Boxes after you reach level 3 of your in-game Headquarters.

iOS – Pending release

Coin Hunt World for iOS is currently in beta-hold awaiting approval for direct download in the App Store.

Currently, players can sign up at https://coinhunt.world/ to reserve a place on the waiting list.

When the game is approved on the iOS App Store, users will receive an email with further instructions.

Getting Started

  • Wiki Note: It is highly recommended that you read through Sections 3 thru 8 completely before your first hunt. This will allow a better understanding of the game mechanics, values, and community support in Coin Hunt World.

Referral Codes

All players have an unlimited opportunity to earn Referral Rewards by inviting new players to the game and to gain certain advantages (Mystery Boxes) in the game.

Coin Hunt World provides each hunter with a unique Referral Code to share.

Using a Referral Code

To Use a Referral Code, click the referral code link that you have after downloading the game, and before leveling up your in-game Headquarters.

> Important Notice: It is not possible to use a referral code after your HQ has been upgraded to level 3.

If you do not have a referral code link to use, click the “Play Now” button below to receive your rewards after unlocking your lvl 3 in-game Headquarters.

Play Now

Create & Share a Referral Code

To Create & Share your Referral code, tap on the Cubie Icon located at the bottom left corner on the game screen. Then, tap on Friends, and then tap on Invite New Players.

Within Invite New Players you can select SMS Message or from several social media sharing methods.

Referral Rewards

Coin Hunt World Referral rewards both players two (2) Mystery Boxes that are awarded after the referral upgrades their Headquarters to level 3. Mystery Box rewards are delivered in-game to the players Mailbox accessed inside their Headquarters.

Referral Templates

To Create a QR Code Referral Sticker on a special-design template to help you recruit players, earn rewards, and help spread the word about Coin Hunt World, click the following link;

Sticker Templates

Discord (Highly Recommended & Advised)

  • Wiki Note: The Wiki Team advises that all players do not skip this step and take two minutes to click the link and join Discord.

Join Coin Hunt World Discord

All players have an in-game Discord Chat Invite.

Tap on and enter your Headquarters, and then tap on Chat to be linked to Discord.

Why Discord for Coin Hunt World

Discord is the primary method of communication selected and advised by the developers of Coin Hunt World. Multiple in-game mechanics of CHW require players to communicate one-on-one and within their local communities to be successful and to advance in the game.

For the Coin Hunt World player community, and for the developers, Discord provides open channels of communication between all players; as a global community, by countries, states, regions, territories, cities, and neighborhoods. It is also the place where, as players, we can communicate directly with the developers to discuss any topic related to the game; announcements, future plans, current game-play, special events, suggestions, bug-issues, etc.

Why Friends via Discord (gameplay recommended)

In Coin Hunt World, the developers have created a game that Recommends and/or Requires that Players have Friends within the Game. Multiple gameplay mechanics, and more specifically in current game-play, are Buddy_Quests that require players to have Friends added to your in-game friends list to accomplish the quest task and receive the reward of one (1) Yellow Key.

To build your in-game Friends list to participate in and accomplish tasks, there are two common ways of doing so;

a.) Discord via the Buddy Quest channel (most popular and preferred) b.) Finding User Vaults while hunting, noting the player name on the vault banner after you insert a Blue Key, and then sending them a Friend Invite from within your Headquarters.

Coin Hunt World Discord Channels

Coin Hunt World Discord Channels are an ever growing and expanding universe of players and information overseen by an incredible team of moderators. The Discord server offers all players access to many different channels of information, with open lines of communication and discussion amongst players in your Country, State, Region, and Local areas. Furthermore, discussions on all topics related to CHW, cryptocurrency, blockchain, etc., and direct contact with the developers who actively participate in many different channels.

Gameplay Set-up

Now it is time to review and set-up your basic gameplay profile and mechanics.

On the main screen in the lower left-hand corner click on the cubie icon which takes you to your player profile page. Here you will setup your game mechanics

Player Profile Mechanics

ACCOUNT: This field is to set your player name which is attached to the email account used to join CHW, and where you can logout from the game.

FRIENDS: This field has four (4) player mechanics;

➧QR CODE - Visual code to show and invite new players to the game and earn referral rewards.

➧INVITE NEW PLAYERS - Send your referral code via:SMS, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook.

➧MANAGE FRIENDS - Add new friends discovered on Discord or around your hunting grounds from opening their User Vault.

➧STATS - Referral statistics and rewards received of players you have invited.

BUG REPORT: Create and submit a bug-report. A simple process and essentially a direct text message to the game developers “bug-fix” team.

CREDITS: The Coin Hunt World Development Team Members

REMOTE DESTROY HQ: Remotely destroy your headquarters from anywhere.

Gameplay Mechanic

Sound Volume: In-game sound effects volume control bar.

  • Wiki Note: The music compositions in CHW are great and change to match the theme of Special Events.

Receive Push Notifications: In-game notifications.

Buddy Quest: A timed, simultaneous geo-located task between two (2) hunters. The quest requires coordination between both players via Discord (advised) or other social media (Twitter, Reddit, Facebook, etc) to complete. Completing the task within the time-period awards one (1) Yellow Key to both hunters.

  • Wiki Advisory: Check this box only if you are set-up on Discord and willing to coordinate the task with another hunter. If not, don’t check the box.

Antialiasing: Allows for minimizing distortion.

Map Auto Rotate: On = Map moves automatically with your movement and direction.

Off = Manual rotation.

Hunter Mode: Checking this box activates Timed Trivia and Reward Tiers. Hunter Mode is the challenger realm of CHW with each Question and Answer on a Clock. Responses to each trivia question are timed in three phases and the time of response determines the amount of Crypto and Leaderboard_Points received.

  • Wiki Advisory: Before checking the box and playing in Hunter Mode, click the link to review details about the timer and rewards tiers.

Dark Mode: Changes screen from light to dark view.


Important Notice: It is not possible to use a referral code after your HQ has been built. If you have a referral code or need a referral code and have not yet linked it to your account, go back to Section 3.2 now to set up your referral code before building your HQ.

Building Your Headquarters

Each player is allowed one (1) Headquarters.

Other players cannot see your Headquarters (HQ), and your HQ will not conflict with any other players HQ.

Headquarters Construction

Building your HQ costs one (1) Green Key.

To build your HQ, search and hunt your local community for ten (10) Keybooths to collect ten (10) Blue Keys to forge into one (1) Green Key.

Once you have one (1) Green Key in your Key Inventory, the Headquarters Icon will appear on the screen in the upper left hand corner below the Leaderboard Cup.

You are now ready to build your HQ.

Headquarters Location

Location is important. Place your Headquarters near home, office, or place you frequent daily. Once placed, your HQ will appear on your map, and when you are within ~ 300 meters of it. Players must be within the minimum distance to access their HQ.

Placing and Constructing Your Headquarters

Go to and stand in the location where you want your HQ built. Click on the HQ Icon and then insert one (1) Green Key into the key lock. Your HQ will now be active.

Accessing Your Headquarters

In your HQ provides the following Menu and Mechanics; Click on your Headquarters and the HQ Menu will open.

Inside Your Headquarters

Mystery Box

The Mystery Box is a vault and method of delivery for a reward provided by the game.

Currently, Mystery Boxes are delivered to a player for random Daily Rewards.

Mystery Boxes are delivered three times daily, every 8 hours beginning at UTC 00:00, see Respawn Timers for more information.

Mystery Boxes must be retrieved within each 8 hour period or the box expires and replaced with a new Mystery Box. The previous box rewards do not roll over if left to expire.

Currently, Mystery Boxes reward the following items; Two (2) Blue Keys, Three (3) Blue Keys, or Six (6) Blue Keys In addition, Mystery Boxes can on occasion reward Resin or Paint.

  • Wiki Note: Coming Soon! New Mystery Box Mechanics in Q1 2022

The Shop

The Shop is a CHW Proprietary Marketplace that features Limited Edition Cubie Blueprints.

The shop opens periodically throughout the year and may or may not be announced as to when in advance. When the shop opens the drop is for a limited time, usually 5 days.

Players have the opportunity to purchase the Limited Edition Cubie Blueprints with the keys they have collected.

Limited Edition Cubie Blueprints range in Key Price and Total Quantity Available based on Cubie Status; Common Cubie, Rare Cubie, or Epic Cubie.

  • Wiki Note: Coming Soon! New Shop Mechanics in Q1 2022

Auction House

The Auction House is a Community Marketplace where hunters can Buy and Sell a multitude of items like; Blueprints, Cubies, and Resources using Keys they have collected as Currency.

The Auction House System is set-up as a Silent Auction working on a 72 hour clock for each item listed. All aspects of listing an item for auction or bidding on any item listed is incognito. Furthermore, the auction clock on each item listed is non-concurrent and displays no timers. All details of an item listed are unknown, other than the listing itself, the current bid on the item, and the clock timer showing three, two, or one clock.

Note: The only reference of a hunter’s identity in the AH are on items that a hunter has listed for auction. When any hunter places a bid on any item listed, a notification of a bid having been placed and the hunter’s in-game name is sent to the hunter that listed the item.

Services provided in the AH include; Buy Items, Sell Items, Active Auctions

➧Buy Items The cost to unlock this feature is one (1) Green Key.

➧Sell Items The cost to unlock this feature is one (1) Yellow Key.

➧Active Auctions provides two features to track your AH activity;

My Items lists all items you have listed for auction.
My Bids lists all bids you have placed on items.

The Auction House is Not a Free Marketplace. In addition to the cost to unlock each AH feature, and the individual cost of any successful bid, there are the following Fees for Selling items in the AH;

Auction House Selling Fees

CHW Listing Fee is one (1) Green Key per item listed.
CHW Selling Tax is 10% of the successful bid on any item sold.
  • Wiki Advisory: The Auction House requires time, thought and calculation, experience, knowledge, and awareness.
  • The Wiki Team highly recommends that you explore the Wiki Auction House page for more information, knowledge, and recommendations before listing your first item or placing your first bid.

Click here to learn more about the Auction House, and How to Place Bids and List Items for Auction.

Mail Box

All hunters have their own Mailbox to receive game mail, and a personal Mailroom to view packages.

The types of mail a hunter can receive are;

User Vault rewards

Photo Quest rewards

Leaderboard awards

Referral rewards

Contest awards

Note: On occasion, you may experience a carrier error that may prevent a vault from completing its processes, if the game glitches. Should this occur (which you may or may not realize at the time) you’ll receive a Reward Box, or two, with the rewards that were missed when the glitch occurred.

When mail is delivered, players receive an in-game Push Notification (if activated) and the Mail Box will show how many packages have been received.

Open the Mailbox and Mailroom click on your HQ, then click on your Mailbox to view your packages inside your Mailroom. Packages scroll one-at-a-time to open.

User Vaults

User Vaults are similar to Blue Vaults.

Both types of vaults have and offer the same catalog of Trivia Questions (Questions and Answers), and both types offer the same value in Cryptocurrency rewards.

The difference is their mechanics and how each looks;

➤User Vaults provide User Vault Rewards directly to its owner.

➤User Vaults are built by Hunters, and each hunter currently receives an inventory of ten (10) User Vault Spots to place within the game.

➤User Vaults reward one (1) Blue Key for the combined total of every twenty (20) keys inserted into the vault, or returned from the vault via a random Reward Box for a correctly answered question.

➤User Vaults have a higher drop-rate percentage on Resource Boxes than regular Blue Vaults.

➤Visually, Blue Vaults are small boxes and User Vaults are tall columns with the player's current Cubie displayed atop their vault.

Placing a User Vault into the Game
  1. Click on your Headquarters, then Click on User Vaults.
    Your Vaults: A list of ten (10) Vault Spots will be shown on screen and when starting all the Vault Spots will be empty showing START on the Key Slot.
    Building a UV costs one (1) Green Key to unlock a spot.
    Note: Only one (1) User Vault can be built at a time, and the next UV cannot be unlocked until completion of the prior UV.
  2. Insert one (1) Green Key into the first open Key Slot.
    Once a UV Key Slot has been unlocked a Key Slot will appear on the main screen below the Leaderboards Cup in the top-left corner.
    The key-slot indicates that your User Vault is ready to place.
  3. Find Your User Vault Location.
    Go to the location that you have selected for your User Vault.
    Stand on the spot and click on the Key Slot on the main screen.
    ➜ One of two (2) responses will appear on screen;
    a.) Location Unavailable
    b.) Location Available
    3a. Location Unavailable means that the game locator has responded with a denial of the proposed location for your UV. Denials are specific to distances from Key Booths, Blue Vaults, Green Vaults, Yellow Vaults, and other User Vaults.
    If your attempt to place your UV is too close to another structure, the game locator will deny it.
    User Vaults can be no less than 50 meters from any Key Booth and 100 meters from any vault.
    Note: User Vault vs. Blue Vault Destruction.
    The game mechanics and locator allow a User Vault to replace an existing Blue Vault.
    If you attempt to place a UV near a regular Blue Vault a caution message will appear on screen advising you that your UV placement is within proximity of another regular Blue Vault.
    The message will caution that “if” you place your UV on the intended spot it “will” destroy the regular Blue Vault.
    The game will ask if you want to proceed? You have to confirm Yes or No.
    If you answer No, then you need to move your proposed UV location somewhere nearby.
    If the answer is Yes, then proceed on completing your UV placement and the Blue Vault will disappear immediately after you complete the set-up.
    3b. Location Available will prompt you to the next steps to place your UV.
  4. Photographing Your Location
    Once you have an approved location, the game requires you to take a photo of the location. Follow the photo instructions on screen, snap a photo and click upload.
    As soon as the photo is uploaded a Vault Identification Menu will appear on screen.
    Check the appropriate identification boxes and give your vault a name.
    Note: Vault descriptions are important and will help you track your vault locations and rewards.
    Once the vault description and location check-list is completed, a message will appear that your User Vault location is under review for approval within 72 hours, and on your User Vault spot a UV Flag will appear.
    The Flag will remain in place until the proposed User Vault location is approved or denied.
    Denied Vault Location: Denied locations can be for a multitude of reasons.
    Approved Vault Location: Hunters are notified via an in-game pop-up message.
  • Wiki Advisory: Placing User Vaults is a multi-step process that is approved by the Developers and Game Content Team. There are certain location restrictions and specific requirements to successfully place a User Vault.
  • The Wiki Team highly recommends that you explore the Wiki User Vault Page for more information and details on placing your first UV, where to place it, and what is required.

Click here to learn more about User Vaults.

Building a User Vault in the Game

After a User Vault has been approved, the Vault Description that you input will appear above the Key Slot, and will switch to ACTIVE on your User Vault menu. The User Vault Flag that marked your User Vault Spot will be replaced by an idle Cubiedozer. The Cubie Dozer builds your User Vault by filling it with Resin.

A Cubie Dozer requires 10,000 Resin to build your User Vault.

The Cubie Dozer will remain idle until it is filled.

Once a Cube Dozer is filled with 10,000 Resin it will activate, becoming a User Vault in 1 hour. Hunters are informed via in-game pop-up message upon completion that their User Vault is active.

To Fill a Cubie Dozer;

  1. Go to and Click on the Cubie Dozer
    The Dozer Resin Board will appear showing 100 Resin Token Slots. (insert images)
    An empty token slot will be gray in color
    At the bottom of the Resin Board is one (1) floating Resin Token with the amount of Resin in your Inventory below it .
  2. Press and hold your finger on the floating Resin Token below the Resin Board and drag the token up and into the Resin Board and release it.
    The Resin Token will be absorbed and one (1) Resin Token Slot will now be filled and no longer gray in color.
    Your Resin Inventory will decrease by 100, as each Resin Token is worth 100 Resin.
  3. Once the Cubie Dozer is filled, wait one (1) hour for the User Vault to be built.
    Click here to learn more about User Vaults.
  • Wiki Note: Coming Soon! New Structures and User Vault mechanics in Q1-Q2 2022


Discord is the primary method of communication selected and advised by the developers of Coin Hunt World. Multiple in-game mechanics of CHW require players to communicate one-on-one and within their local communities to be successful and to advance in the game.

  • Pro-Hunter Tip: Click the link and join the hunt! Chat

For the Coin Hunt World player community, and for the developers, Discord provides open channels of communication between all players; as a global community, by countries, states, regions, territories, cities, and neighborhoods. It is also the place where, as players, we can communicate directly with the developers to discuss any topic related to the game; announcements, future plans, current game-play, special events, suggestions, bug-issues, etc.

Alternate and Additional CHW Channels of Communication: The following links and Official CHW or Wiki Team and Community Approved:

Twitter at ‎

Demolish HQ

To move your Headquarters to a new location from its current location.

Relocating a Headquarters Your HQ can be moved and relocated at any time.

There are two (2) methods of demolishing and moving your HQ;

  1. Demolish HQ (no fee) To demolish and move your Headquarters from its current location to a new location, click on your Headquarters and select Demolish HQ to destroy it.
    You will be asked to confirm your decision; Yes or No.
    Note (i): To demolish and relocate your Headquarters without a Demolition Fee you must be at your Headquarters.
    Note(ii): Rebuilding your Headquarters will always incur a Build Fee of one (1) Green Key whether or not you Demolish HQ or Remotely Destroy HQ.
  2. Remote Destroy HQ (fee) To demolish a Headquarters from a remote location (inaccessible and outside the minimum 300 meters of the current location), click the Blue Cubie Icon in the lower left corner of the screen and select Remote Destroy HQ,
    Note: The Demolition Fee is one (1) Green Key.
    To place your HQ in a new location, click here Building Your Headquarters.


All hunters have their own Inventory Storage Vaults that maintain all items collected within the game, and where items awarded, rewarded, and earned are stored.

Accessing Inventory Storage

➧Click on the Blue Key Icon in the lower right hand corner on the main screen of the game.

The Key Icon also indicates the amount of Blue Keys in your inventory. When your Blue Key count exceeds 100 keys it reads +99 (currently).

Inside Your Inventory

Your Inventory has seven (7) sections, each to store a different type of item.

The Sections include (currently);


Cryptocurrency & Unlock Uphold

Resources & Materials

Cubie Blueprints

NFT Blueprints

Construction Blueprints


How to Play Coin Hunt World

Ready! Set! Go! You are now a CHW Hunter and ready to explore your community and surroundings, searching for Key Booths, Vaults, and User Vaults, among other things.

First Hunt

With the game opened on your device, you are able to view your surroundings. If built, and near to it, you should see your HQ.

If not, either you haven’t built your headquarters or you are not within 300 meters of it.

If you have not built your headquarters then stop, and build your HQ first before you hunt.

Using your finger on the screen, move it around to get a sense for how the map looks and moves. Start walking around and get a feel for how your cubie moves and reacts to your movements.

Note: If you are near your HQ and your Cubie is not visible, it is not a glitch. Cubies normally hang-out inside the HQ, and occasionally step outside due to GPS variations.

Let’s hunt! If you cannot see any Key Booths or Vaults at your current location on the screen, it means that either no key booths or vaults were placed in or around your immediate area, or they may be just outside your viewing radius.

Note: The average GPS radius in-game is approximately 300 meters.

Head towards the nearest commercial area, town, village, shopping center, mall, any place of commerce and high foot traffic, local attractions, parks, etc.. Explore, Search, Find…Hunt.

Basic Game Play Video

To get a better understanding of basic game play, and what you will experience in the game.

Click here to watch Your First Hunt Basic Game-play

Local and Regional Hunting Grounds

Currently, Coin Hunt World is still in Beta and continually advancing.

The setup of the game used a generic geo-locator application to place most all Key Booths and Vaults, with the majority having been placed within towns and cities, and less in rural areas. This requires that you explore your community, towns, and city centers to find and collect keys to open vaults.

For planning your hunt and mapping the hunting grounds in and around your area, use the Coin Hunt Map, a community based and generated map to assist in locating Key Booths and Vaults, along with other important structures in the game.

Click here to explore the Coin Hunt Map Created by CHW Hunter; anakura

Key Booths & Collecting Keys

Currently, the most important structures in the game are key booths.

Key Booths allow hunters to open and collect one (1) Blue Key every 24 hours. Keys are your currency in Coin Hunt World.

Collecting a Blue Key

➧Tap on the Key Booth to open it and a blue key will appear in a cube below your Cubie.

➧Tap on the Blue Key to collect it.

Once the key is collected the booth will close and on the screen it will become gray with a black key in the center and caution tape around the edges, and the key on top will disappear.

Key Booth Clocks reset once every 24 hours at UTC 12:00 (UTC Noon), see Respawn Timers for more information.

Forging Keys at a Key Booth

Forging requires the key booth be closed, after collecting the key.

➧Tap on the closed key booth and the forge key selector will appear.

➧Tap on the arrow of the key you want to forge and the forging chamber will appear.

Note: Only those keys that have the required quantity (10) to forge will appear in the forging chamber.

Below the forging chamber is the key you have selected to forge along with the current quantity in your inventory.

➧Tap and Hold the selected key and drag it up into the key box of the forge. The key will be absorbed, the forge will activate then close. The selected key will be forged and added to your key inventory.

  • Wiki Note: Use your first green key to build your HQ.

Key Forging Requirements

The Process of forging keys at a key booth is the same for all key colors.

Each color of key has a different minimum key requirement as follows;

alt= Blue KeyBlue Key: Requires ten (10) White Keys. Equals 1 Blue Key. *El Salvador only.
alt= Green KeyGreen Key: Requires ten (10) Blue Keys. Equals 10 Blue Keys.
alt= Yellow KeyYellow Key: Requires ten (10) Green Keys. Equals 100 Blue Keys.
alt= Red KeyRed Key: Requires ten (10) Yellow Keys. Equals 1000 Blue Keys.
alt= Purple KeyPurple Key: Requires ten (10) Red Keys. Equals 10,000 Blue Keys.
  • Wiki Note: Coming Soon! The Golden Key. Date currently unknown.


In Coin Hunt World, Vaults hold Cryptocurrency; BTC and ETH, and other coins made available during special events like DOGE and most recently in the UK with VeriBlock; VBK.

The Cryptocurrency inside each vault is guarded by a Trivia question which must be answered correctly to be collected.

Incorrect answers yield no rewards and the key is burned (lost).

Each type of Vault; User, White (El Salvador), Blue, Green, Yellow, Red, Purple, or other, has a Reward Box with a specific amount of cryptocurrency inside that drops upon a correct trivia answer given.

Reward Boxes have the potential of returning a Blue, Green, Yellow, or Red Key.

Also, each vault has the possibility of dropping a Resource Box or Photo Quest Box. In addition, each color of Vault reset at different times daily, weekly, and during special events within hours of the drop and first being opened.

Vault Cryptocurrency Rewards

The amount of cryptocurrency rewarded from Vaults is primarily based on two (2) main factors; Chill Mode or Hunter Mode.

Chill Mode In this mode Hunters have a standard clock and receive a base amount of rewards for a correct answer. Hunters also receive a base amount of Leaderboard Points with a correct answer. Crypto Rewards and LBP received are 50% the full amount received playing Hunter Mode. Chill Clock = 30 seconds

Crypto Rewards = 50% Tier

alt= White VaultWhite Vault 0.005 cents
alt= Blue VaultBlue Vault 0.05 cents
alt= UservaultUservault 0.05 cents
alt= Green VaultGreen Vault 0.50 cents
alt= Yellow VaultYellow Vault $5.00
alt= Red VaultRed Vault $50.00
alt= Purple VaultPurple Vault n/a

Hunter Mode Hunter Mode is the challenger mode of CHW with each Question and Answer on a Clock. Responses to each trivia question are timed in three phases and the time of response determines the amount of Cryptocurrency and Leaderboard Points received.

Hunter Clock Timer 3 seconds allotted to read the question then timed responses within;

➜ 0 > 3 seconds = Perfect Answer = 100% Reward
➜ 3 > 10 seconds = Great Answer = 70% Reward
➜ 10 > 30 seconds = Good Answer = 40% Reward

Note: The timer clock is represented by a solid timer bar above the question, that disappears left to right as time counts down.

Maximum Crypto Rewards Available

Note: Purple Vaults do not apply to Chill Mode or Hunter Mode. Purple Vaults have a standard 60 second/1 minute clock and reward $1000.00 of cryptocurrency for a correct answer.

Vault Timers (Reset Clock)

In regular game-play, each type of vault disappears after being opened and resets based on UTC Standard Time (UTC), at different times or on different days.

Vault Reset Timers

White Vault Daily UTC 00:00 UTC 12:00
Blue Vault Daily UTC 00:00 UTC 12:00
User Vault Daily UTC 00:00 UTC 12:00
Green Vault Daily UTC 00:00
Yellow Vault Mondays UTC 00:00
Red Vaults n/a
Purple Vaults n/a

User Vaults

Uservaults are vaults that are created and placed in the game by players!

To get started with User Vaults follow these steps:

Step 1: Unlock a User Vault. Go to your Headquarters.

Click on User Vaults and click on the first User Vault slot to unlock it. Unlocking one UV spot costs one (1) green key.

Only one spot can be unlocked at any time.

Locked User Vaults show START. Approved User Vaults will show ACTIVE. Active UVs also show the name of the vault as described when placed.

Once a UV spot has been unlocked a key-lock symbol appears on the screen.

Step 2: Place your User Vault. Go to the exact location you want to place the User Vault and click the key-lock symbol on the main screen.

The game locator will respond with an approval and ask that you take a photograph of the location. You are required to add a description of the location, and then check the appropriate boxes that define the location's theme.

Note: Frequently, the game locator will respond with a denial of the proposed location for your UV. Denials are limited to distances from Key booths, Blue vaults, Green vaults, and other User Vaults. If your attempt to place your UV is too close to another structure, the game locator will deny it.

Note: User Vaults can be no less than 50 meters from any Key booth and 100 meters from any other vault.

Where to Place Your User Vault: User Vaults can be placed most anywhere, but everywhere is not always the best place.

Other than distance from key booths and vaults, the only location restrictions advised by the game developers are as follows; hospitals, medical care facilities and offices, police and fire stations, government buildings and offices, grade schools, middle schools, high schools, and residential neighborhoods.

Step 3: Yellow Flag marks the Spot. Once placed, a Yellow Flag will mark the spot of your proposed User Vault until the location is approved.

Location approvals occur within 24 to 72 hours. Players are informed via in-game message when the UV is approved.

Step 4: Cubie Dozer. Once approved the Yellow Flag becomes a Cubic Dozer.

The Cube Dozer requires 10,000 Resin to activate and build the User Vault.

There is no time limit to fill the Cube Dozer and any player can fill the dozer with Resin.

Once the Cube Dozer is filled, it will activate, begin to build, becoming a User Vault in 1 hour. The player is informed via in-game message upon completion that the User Vault is Active.

Click here to view a USER VAULT WALK-THROUGH

Destroying and Moving Your User Vault

To move a User Vault to a new location follow these steps:

Step 1: Destroy a User Vault. Go to your Headquarters.

Click on and enter User Vaults and click on the User Vault slot you want to move.

Click Destroy. Confirm Yes. And the UV is destroyed.

Destroying a UV costs nothing.

The slot will become a Locked User Vault and will show START.

Step 2: Go back to Step 1:Unlock a User Vault above and repeat the Steps 1-4.

Print Shops

Printshops are orange structures within the game that allow Hunters to Craft and Print Cubie Blueprints.

Normally found in towns and cities with large centers of commerce, Print Shops are now located at every Walmart, Target, and Canadian Tire Center across Canada and US.

Crafting and Printing Cubies

Follow these steps at your local Printshop;

Step 1: Click on the Print Shop The shop opens and your Blueprints appear below the Crafting Module. Scroll through your Blueprints and select the Blueprint for the Cubie you want to craft.

Step 2: Press and hold the Blueprint and Drag it Up into the Crafting Module Once entered, the module will display the necessary Resources and/or Materials required to Craft and then Print your Cubie.

Step 3: Individually, press and hold each item and drag it up into each corresponding module. Once all Resources and/or Materials have been inserted, the Print Button will appear. Note: If you do not have the necessary items in inventory to craft your Cubie, those items will be shown in red, indicating that you need to open more vaults or venture into the Auction House to place some bids.

Step 4: Press and hold the Print button. The crafting module will activate and the cubie will begin printing, and the print timer will pop-up with the time remaining.

Print Timers are based on Blueprint and Cubie level/status; Common = 5 minutes

Rare = 10 minutes

Epic = 20 minutes

Legendary = unknown

Note: You do not have to wait inside the Print Shop for the Cubie to print. Once activated, you can exit the shop and continue hunting for the time remaining. Hunters receive an in-game notification upon completion of the print.

Step 5: Return to the Print Shop. Click on the Shop and collect your Cubie.

Click here to view a PRINT SHOP WALK-THROUGH

Special Structures

In game structures can be categorized in three (3) sections - currently;

A.) Standard Game Structures

Key Booths

White, Blue, Green, and Yellow Vaults

Print Shops.

B.) User Built Structures

Headquarters (cloaked)

User Vaults

C.) Special Structures

Buddy Quest SeeSaws

Cubie Cranes and Cubie Dozers

Red and Purple Vaults

Floating Vaults

Monoliths, and Cauldrons

Torii Gates

Resin Trees and Christmas Trees

Special Structures have been featured within recent events and holidays, and new structures anticipated in the future.

Note: Red and Purple Vaults are listed as Special Structures because they only appear during Special Events and have specific mechanics unlike Standard Game Vaults.

To learn more about Special Structures, their purpose and mechanics, click here SPECIAL STRUCTURES


In Coin Hunt World, the developers have created a game that Recommends and/or Requires that Players have Friends within the Game.

Multiple gameplay mechanics, and more specifically within current game-play are Buddy Quests that require players to have Friends added to their in-game friends list to accomplish the quest and receive the reward of one (1) Yellow Key.

Accessing Your Friends List

To see your friends list and viewing a friends details;

Step 1: Tap on the Cubie Icon in the bottom left corner of the screen.

Step 2: Tap on FRIENDS followed by MANAGE FRIENDS

Step 3: Tap on the Friend you want to view.

In Friend View are listed the following details;

a.) Hunters Name

b.) Hunters current Cubie on display

c.) Hunters Discord Username

d.) Last Login

e.) All-Time Global Standing

f.) Current Month Global Standing

g.) Delete Friend

Note: If you delete a friend, you can always add them back onto your list.

Adding a Friend

To add new friends to your list;

Step 1: Tap on the Cubie Icon in the bottom left corner of the screen.

Step 2: Tap on FRIENDS followed by MANAGE FRIENDS

Step 3: Tap on ADD FRIEND

Step 4: Enter the Hunters Username and Tap Send

  • Wiki Note: You can find more friends on Discord in the Buddy Quest Channel.

Buddy Quests

You and a Buddy (Friend) may be paired to complete a Buddy Quest.

Buddy Quests are randomly generated and timed geo-located tasks offered to two (2) players simultaneously, who are in-game friends.

Both players receive a notification of the Quest and whom with.

A Radar Beacon will begin to ping on screen from the direction of the Buddy Quest SeeSaw.

The SeeSaw will replace either of the following; a Standard Blue Vault or a User Vault, and usually one of your own UVs.

The Quest SeeSaw will spawn within a 3 Mile (~5KM) radius of their respective Headquarters.

From the time both Hunters have opened and read the in-game notification, they have five (5) days to complete the quest.

Completing the Buddy Quest within the time-period awards one (1) Yellow Key to both hunters.

Hunters will have to coordinate with each other to be present at their respective buddy quest locations at the same time to complete the task.

Players can have only one (1) Buddy Quest active at a time.

Wait time between completed or expired BQs is a minimum three (3) days up to ten (10) days.

  • Wiki Advice: Keep only active Hunters on your friends list! Completing a Buddy Quest requires coordination between both players. Discord (advised) provides a specific channel to support BQs. Check your friends list to verify if your friends have joined Discord, which will appear below their player name, and when they last logged in to hunt. If not on Discord, it is highly suggested that you search for them on other social media (Twitter, Reddit, Facebook, etc) to confirm you can coordinate a Buddy Quest.

Completing a Buddy Quest

Upon receipt of a BQ notification the coordination and reconnaissance begins.

Suggested Method to Complete a Buddy Quest:

Step 1: Go to Friends and Click Manage Friends. Your paired Buddy will have been moved to the top of your list, and will have a BQ Link Icon next to their name.

Step 2: Click on Your BQ Friend

➔ If ON Discord, proceed to Step 3.

➔ If NOT ON Discord, proceed to Step 5.

Step 3: Click and Copy Your BQ Friends Discord Username

Step 4: Login to Discord and Enter the Buddy Quest Channel In the BQ Channel, send a message to your BQ Friend to coordinate the task.

Step 5: Searching for Your Buddy Quest Friend Should your BQ Friend not be on Discord, you will have to search for them via other CHW social media.

  • Wiki Note: Should you find difficulty in locating your BQ Friend, it may be necessary to Delete the Buddy Quest. To delete a difficult BQ and get back into the BQ Queue, simply delete the Friend from your Friend List. The SeeSaw and Radar Beam will disappear and you’ll be back in the queue.

Happy Hour

A daily special feature that offers the opportunity to stack a higher quantity of paint from Resource Boxes within a randomly selected Category of Trivia (Questions and Answers) during a randomly selected hour.

Happy Hour occurs once daily and is identified by a Clock Icon that appears in the upper left hand corner of the screen below the Leaderboard Trophy.

When the HH Icon appears it indicates that a randomly selected category of trivia has been Paint Boosted.

The selected trivia category is identified by an Animated Marquee around the category banner.

Paint is one of the standard Resources awarded from Resource Boxes, and drops in quantities of 25 during normal hunting hours. During Happy Hour, the Paint Drop increases to 500.

Note: During Special Events and for the entire duration, Happy Hour is disabled.

Note: If you have joined Discord, the CHW Discord Cubie-bot pings all players when Happy Hour has started. In addition, active hunters will first notify all players via Discord to the start of HH and the selected Trivia Category.

  • Wiki Team Advice: Join Discord to Maximize Your CHW Success!

Special Events

There are multiple Special Events that occur throughout the year; known and unknown.

New Year Event

Chinese New Year Event

Valentine Cubie Valentine's Day

Leprechaun Cubie St. Patrick's Day

Halloween Event

Thanksgiving Event

Christmas Event

And Special Regional Events like; Hawaii Event, Canada Day Event, July 4th Event US Independence Day, and more.

In addition, Special Events like Floating Vaults, Boosted Vaults, and Photo Competitions are some of the many ways you can earn extra crypto, blueprints, cubies, resources, and more.

  • Wiki Note: When joining CHW for the first time, you may be starting out during an event in progress. Be sure to check the CHW Wiki Special Events page frequently for current events, updates, and information to support your hunt.

Click here to learn more about Special Events


To access the Leaderboards Click on the blue Leaderboard Trophy in the upper left hand corner of the game screen.

Leaderboards rank hunters for the current month and all-time ranking.

Leaderboards are also for those hunters with a competitive spirit, and placing within the top tier on any of the Leaderboards awards keys to those hunters for their efforts.

Leaderboards are kept in the following categories; ➧Global Leaderboard Global competition for Apex Hunter of the Month. Global Leaderboard awards the Top 5 Hunters.

➧Country Leaderboards National competition for Top Country Hunter of the Month. Country Leaderboard awards the Top 50 Hunters in each country. Note: Players only see the leaderboard for the country they are in.

➧Local Leaderboards Regional competitions for Top Local Hunter of the Month. Local Leaderboard awards the Top 50 Hunters in each region. Note: Local leaderboards represent the State or Province where each player is located and players only see the leaderboard for their region, such as; California or Florida, Alberta or Ontario.

➧Trivia Leaderboard A friendly global competition for the Highest Total Trivia Score all-time. This leaderboard is for bragging rights only.

➧Cubie Leaderboard A friendly global competition for the Top Cubie Collector all-time. This leaderboard is for bragging rights only.

➧Referrals Leaderboard A friendly global competition for the Top Referrer all-time. This leaderboard is for bragging rights only...and Pays in Keys!

Leaderboard Points

The Leaderboards are all based on points earned through a multitude of tasks. To rank high on the Leaderboards, you must obtain Leaderboard Points (LBPs). LBPs are acquired by solving {{ifTE|Trivia, printing Cubies for the first time, completing a Buddy Quest, fueling Cubiedozers and Cubiecranes with Resin, successful Referrals, from User Vaults, and special event Quest Chains.

To learn more about Leaderboards and Leaderboard Points click here Leaderboards

Withdrawals via Uphold

Players are able to withdraw earned Cryptocurrency in-game through Coin Hunt World's wallet partner Uphold.

➜ Players have the option to unlock Uphold for 10,000 Resin to access their Uphold Wallet.

➜ Transfers of earned crypto to Uphold happen automatically every Tuesday.

➜ The minimum earned amount of each Cryptocurrency (BTC or ETH) is $10.00 for a transfer to be confirmed on Monday and transferred on Tuesday to Uphold.

➜ If the minimum amount of either cryptocurrency has not been earned, the amount rolls-over to the following week.

➜ In order to transfer earned crypto, players need to have a private account with Uphold, which can be created for free.

➜ For players in New York State, Uphold is not legal at this time. Save the resin and do not unlock Uphold until a bitlicense has been granted.

Notice: As an anti-cheating measure, new players are required to have successfully completed at least one Photo Quest before they are allowed to withdraw cryptocurrency to their Uphold account.

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