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Player Introduction

Amphy2k, or just Amphy, is a Canadian player from Alberta who has been playing since June 24th, 2021. From the beginning they have been interested in the more technical side of the game, keeping track of data and trying to create tools to help the community gather insight on the game. Currently is a member of the Coin Hunt Wiki team working alongside many others to improve the data available on the Wiki as well as cleaning up Wiki pages.


When Amphy begun, they were rather skeptical of the games claims, playing casually and questioning everything. After around a month of playing they grew to trust the game and loved it. Though shortly after that there was an incident with Testflight that caused them to be kicked from playing the game. This caused a great deal of stress and anger that eventually lead to a justified ban from the CHW Discord.

Even with the issues from Testflight and a ban from the heart of the community, they still had an interest in the game. Eventually managing to get back into Testflight just in time for the 2021 Thanksgiving Event. Playing alone from that point forward.

On February 14th, 2021, with the help of Anakura, they managed to get permission to rejoin the CHW Discord, with the promise of never speaking. Also receiving the newly made Muted Role. Using this reintroduction to the Discord to get back in touch with the games events.


After rejoining, they just watched the community from the side, still keeping tabs of data and community events and conversing with many of the more well known names in the community behind the scenes.

Eventually they decided to emerge from the background and joined many of the community Discords. Soon discovering the data from the Wiki and using that to construct their own tools to better understand the technical details of the game.

They released an open BETA of their CHWorld of Tools on August 22nd, 2022. Allowing all users to try out the array of helpful tools they have developed all this time. Constantly updating it with more details, up-to-date information, and new Tools.


  • How did you discover Coin Hunt World?

I found the game shortly after getting into Crypto. Discovering the world of Play to Earn and found CHW to be the easiest to understand and get into!

  • What feature are you most looking forward to?

I am extremely excited for Structures. I can’t wait to see what they will bring and if they will be worth the investment.

  • What do you like most in Coin Hunt World?

I love how simple yet technical the game can be. It scratches that itch for data I have. Plus encouraging me to get healthy is a great perk!

CHWorld of Tools

Are you looking for some tools to help your alongside the game? Easily find out how much all that Resin you have is worth or see what the up-to-date value of your crypto hoard is, and much more. All found in the CHWorld of Tools. Give it a try below!

Amphy2k’s CHWorld of Tools

Player Stats

Cubie Collected 56
Cubie Blueprint Collected 21
Resource Box Collected 41
Printshop Printed 40
Auction House Won 46
Yellow Vault Opened 2
Green Vault Opened 27
Blue Vault Opened 3,219
Crypto Earned $235.61
Days Played 449


Blue Cubie CHW: Amphy2k

Discord: Amphy#9133

Twitter: BitphyCrypto


  • First person to get the Muted Role in the CHW Discord.
  • First person to add a fake Podium in their Wiki Page.
  • Completed the Cubie Air Event Quest Chain with 668 Vaults.



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