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Meet Beadedanthunter

Originally from El Salvador, Beardedanthunter is currently hunting ants and coins in Canada. When not hunting out, he likes to experiment with new ingredients and recipes in the kitchen. Often found online lurking around the Coin Hunt World Wiki Discord or translating the new information added to the wiki. He is mostly active in the Coin Hunt World Latin America Discord server, where he interacts with spanish-speaking hunters.

His shot to fame began when he found the Halloween event Red Vault in Montreal back in October 2021. Fun fact: he started hunting in mid October 2021.

He also manages the Coin Hunt World Wiki en Español. He is always looking for bilingual players to help translate information, so please reach out if you want to help!


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1 November 2021 Local Leaderboard Quebec (CA) 🔎 34th 5 Blue Key

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Beardedanthunter was a guest on Zach's and Beatsmebydre's podcast (Zach'n Beats) on March 11, 2022.

Zach'n Beats Talk Coin Hunt Episode 24