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Meet Lucvend

Lucvend is from the greater Montréal area. He found the game in January via reddit, but only started playing in May. So he missed out on the OG cubie! He is also a contributor to this wiki!


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  • Author of a CHW Strategy Guide
  • Creator of the CHW Québec Facebook Group
  • Coordinated the completion of the Montreal Cubiecrane.
  • First Player to solve the Place Royale Yellow Vault in Quebec City on September 30th 2021.
  • Completed the Xmas 2021 Event Quest Chain
  • Completed the Hawaii 2022 Event Quest Chain

First Prints

Leaderboard Rankings

Month Type Region See Full LB Place Prize
1 April 2022 Local Leaderboard Quebec (CA) 🔎 29th 5 Blue Key
1 March 2022 Local Leaderboard Quebec (CA) 🔎 50th 5 Blue Key
1 February 2022 Local Leaderboard Quebec (CA) 🔎 38th 5 Blue Key
1 December 2021 Local Leaderboard Quebec (CA) 🔎 🥉3rd 30 Blue Key
1 November 2021 Local Leaderboard Quebec (CA) 🔎 4th 20 Blue Key
1 October 2021 Local Leaderboard Quebec (CA) 🔎 25th 5 Blue Key

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