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There are two types of vaults in Coin Hunt World. The first is game generated vaults, which some people refer to as normal vaults or system vaults, or just vaults. These exist in locations placed by the game developers. The second type of vault is a User Vault or Uservault. These are placed by players. Vaults can be opened with keys in the corresponding color. You have to answer a Trivia Question correctly to receive the Prize Box. There can be either 1 or 2 boxes dropped from a Vault after the trivia is solved correctly. The first Prize Box is the same color as the vault and always drops crypto (either Bitcoin or Ethereum) in an amount determined by the color of the vault. The first Prize Box always drops and might also contain bonus keys. There is also at least a 50% chance that a Resource Box will drop as well. Resource Boxes give various items depending on the color of the vault.

Vaults in Coin Hunt World!

Vault payouts depend on which Gameplay Mode is enabled.

Picture Name Rarity Trivia Difficulty Max Crypto Reward (USD)
Vaultwhite.png White Vault Common* Easy $ 0.01
Vaultblue.png Blue Vault Common Easy $ 0.10
Vaultgreen.png Green Vault Less Common Medium $ 1.00
Vaultyellow.png Yellow Vault Rare Hard $ 10.00
Vaultred.png Red Vault Special Events Only Very Hard $ 100.00
Vaultpurple.png Purple Vault Special Events Only Extremely Hard $ 1,000.00

* White Vaults only spawn in White Tier Regions, such as El Salvador.

Check out Respawn_Timers for respawn times of Vaults, Keys, Happy Hour, and Resin Trees.

Interaction Radius

For all vault types, you need to be within 30 metres of the vault in order to interact with it.

Vault Remarks

  • Uservaults are more likely than normal vaults to drop blue or green keys as part of the rewards.
  • Green Uservaults are coming soon in a future update
  • Check Yellow VaultYellow Vault Location for details about the 10 Yellow Vaults in Canada and 100 Yellow Vaults in the USA.
  • Vaults respawn at specific times, see specifics at Respawn Timers.

Items Dropped in the Blue Prize Box

All vaults have a chance to drop keys in the blue prize box. A blue vault might drop a single blue key. This is more likely to happen in Uservaults than in regular vaults. A blue vault might also drop a green key. Some estimate that the drop rate for a green key is near 3% from a blue prize box. Similarly, a green vault will drop a green prize box, which may contain either 1 or more blue keys, or a green key, or a yellow key, or no keys at all. A yellow vault which drops a yellow prize box may give back keys, possibly even a red key.

Resource Boxes

All vaults have at least a 50% chance of dropping a Resource Box in addition to the Crypto Prize Box. These Boxes contain various game items according to the vault color.

Resource Box Content by Vault Color
Vault Color Resource BoxDrop Rate Guaranteed Low Chance Very Low Chance
White VaultWhite 50% 200 Resin

25 Random Color Paint

Random Basic Color Cubie Blueprint
Blue VaultBlue 50% 200 Resin

25 Random Color Paint

Random Basic Color Cubie Blueprint
Green VaultGreen 100% 500 Resin Random Basic Color Cubie Blueprint Home Country Stamp
Yellow VaultYellow 100% 1,000 Resin

Home Country Stamp

Red VaultRed 100% 5,000 Resin
Purple VaultPurple 100% 10,000 Resin

Special Vaults


First Purple Vault

During the Hawaii Special Event in May 2021 the first purple vault popped up in Hawaii. Player bozwalds was the first player to find the purple vault on Waikiki Beach. Player BlocBoi answered the first purple question correctly.