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Veriblock Logo.

Veriblock (VBK) is cryptocurrency related to securing blockchains.

See the project website for more information.


Veriblock was introduced into CoinHuntWorld on November 8th, 2021, dropping from Blue Vaults and special Veriblock-themed Green Vaults (worth up to $2 USD of VKB) in the UK, as part of the first Veriblock + CHW Event.

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ID Vault Tier Category Question Answer
7618 Green Veriblock (something along the lines of) if either of which Blockchains is compromised VeriBlock will have issues? Bitcoin & VeriBlock
7619 Green Veriblock A MESS vulnerability was disclosed by VeriBlock for which blockchain? Ethereum Classic
7620 Green Veriblock Blockchains secured by VeriBlock share the same security as what other network? Bitcoin
7621 Green Veriblock Blocks that are linked using cryptography are called what? A Blockchain
7622 Green Veriblock Command line for NodeCore instance? NC_CLI
7623 Green Veriblock How does VeriBlock help blockchain? Increases security
7624 Green Veriblock How does VeriBlock help make bitcoin more eco friendly? Reusing hashing power
7625 Green Veriblock How is VeriBlock mined? PoS / PoW
7626 Green Veriblock How long does a VeriBlock transaction take? 30 seconds
7627 Green Veriblock How many co-founders does VeriBlock have? 2
7628 Green Veriblock In Veriblock, what does SP stand for? Security Providing
7629 Green Veriblock Maxwell Sanchez appeared on Worldwide Business to discuss VeriBlock's technology with who? Kathy Ireland
7630 Green Veriblock PoP mining can be performed on minimal hardware and only requires what? A wallet to pay fees
7631 Green Veriblock What 2020 event did Veriblock co-founder & CEO Fisher speak at? TNABC 2020
7632 Green Veriblock What acronym refers to a security-inheriting blockchain? SI
7633 Green Veriblock What API access does VeriBlock NodeCore support? HTTP & GRPC
7634 Green Veriblock What company did the VeriBlock Foundation partner with to make Bitcoin more Green?
7635 Green Veriblock What consensus protocol does VeriBlock use to secure the world's blockchains using Bitcoin? Proof of proof
7636 Green Veriblock What does D stand for in DTTP? Decentralized
7637 Green Veriblock What does PoW stand for? Proof of Work
7638 Green Veriblock What does VeriBlock protect against? Double spends and 51% attacks
7639 Green Veriblock What indicator is used to determine the finality of an altchain network in VeriBlock? vBFI (Bitcoin Finality Index)
7640 Green Veriblock What is a distribution of nodes on the network not controlled by a single party called? Decentralization
7641 Green Veriblock What is the alternative VeriBlock Blockchain used for local or internal development? Alphanet
7642 Green Veriblock What is the former official sponsor of the VeriBlock Blockchain project? Xenios SEZC
7643 Green Veriblock What is the name of the paper? VeriBlock white paper
7644 Green Veriblock What is the open-source lightweight daemon for VeriBlock? Nodecore
7645 Green Veriblock What is the open-source lightweight wallet for VeriBlock coins? NodeCore SPV Wallet
7646 Green Veriblock What is tVBK? Official TestNet VeriBlock symbol
7647 Green Veriblock What is VeriBlock's maximum supply? 2.1 Billion
7648 Green Veriblock What is VeriBlock's website?
7649 Green Veriblock What PoP mining phase began on September 14, 2018? Mining High Noon
7650 Green Veriblock What proof-of-work algorithm is currently used by VeriBlock? vBlake
7651 Green Veriblock What’s Veriblock’s official network name? Veriblock MainNet
7652 Green Veriblock When was the nonprofit VeriBlock foundation founded? May 2021
7653 Green Veriblock When was VeriBlock's MainNet launched? March 25, 2019
7654 Green Veriblock Where is VeriBlock based? Cayman Islands
7655 Green Veriblock Which conference did the founders attended in 2020? North American Bitcoin Conference
7656 Green Veriblock Which was the first commercial wallet to incorporate VeriBlock Proof of Proof? Zelcore
7657 Green Veriblock Who is Maxwell Sanchez within Veriblock? Co-founder and CTO
7658 Green Veriblock Who is the CTO and co-founder of Veriblock Maxwell Sanchez
7659 Green Veriblock Who is the Veriblock CEO? Justin Fisher
7660 Green Veriblock Who wrote the VeriBlock paper? Justin Fisher and Maxwell Sanchez

Media Appearance


Veriblock founders were a guest on ITGUYs Podcast on November 7th 2021.