Volcano Ritual Location Quest

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The Volcano Ritual is the first Location Quest in Coin Hunt World!

You can read the official announcement here!

How to Begin

Hike to the top top of Koko Crater in Honolulu, Hawaii. In the game you will find a Volcano Monument and a Tiki Chief standing in front of it. The Tiki Chief is waiting for 9 players to arrive together before the quest will begin.

Quest Walkthrough

The only way to start the ritual is to climb the volcano with a group of 9 hunters in total. Once the group has arrived at the Chief, each player must equip one of the 9 Tiki Warrior Cubies of a particular tribe. Therefore, combined, the 9 players must present a full tribe to the Chief. No players can have the same tiki warrior equipped.

You can tell the tribes apart by the loincloth they are wearing, so make sure they all match up!

Once the Chief sees a full tribe of players standing in front of him, he will start the ritual.

Once the ritual starts, a video will start playing. Make sure to have your audio turned on so you can fully enjoy this cubie adventure mini movie!

Quest Reward

After the video is completed, the Chief will give all 9 players reward boxes containing the Tiki Chief Cubie Blueprint, 100 Koa Wood, and 500 Anthurium Flower. You'll need to have or obtain another 1500 Anthurium Flower to print the Cubie at a Printshop.

Once you have completed the Quest, you can never complete it again, but there is a special bonus that you have. You can go visit the chief once a week and he will give you resources to print more Tiki Chief Cubies. Each time you visit again, you will receive 25 Koa Wood and 100 Anthurium Flower.

Quest Completion Video

First to Complete the Quest

9 players completed the quest on June 26th (June 27th in game UTC time). More information about their trip will be posted here soon.

First to Find the Quest

During the first few days of the Hawaii Event 2022, the player FearlessPocho spotted a Tiki Chief Cubie on the map nearby in Honolulu, Hawaii. Two more players, MakikiTiki and Bozwalds joined in and they all took the trip up to the top of Koko Crater for a closer look. When they clicked on it, the Tiki Chief showed a message that the Location Quest was not ready and to try again in a few weeks. The photos and videos below tell their story.



Additional Info

A day after visiting Koko Crater, MakikiTiki was expressing his frustration with obtaining Turtle Shells during the Hawaii Event 2022 and shortly after Illusionweaver sent 1 Turtle Shell to each of the players who climbed Koko Crater the day before. They received in their Mail Boxes a Resource Box titled "First players to discover the Tiki Chief!"


Credit to CoinHuntMap.com