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Screenshot of finished Walking Quest

On top of the keys you get from your daily Mystery Boxes, you can earn additional keys every day by completing Activity Quests. The very first Activity Quest that got introduced in Coin Hunt World is the Walking Quest.

When you open the Activity Quest page, you will see 8 milestones. Once you start walking / running you will slowly see the milestones fill up. Once a milestone is filled up a reward box will appear on top of your cubie! Grab the reward box immediately when you spot it, because if you wait too long (over 10 minutes) it will disappear and you will lose the reward. The first milestones are very easy to achieve. Simply going for a short walk should do the trick. The higher milestones however will require you to take on a more serious walk, but the rewards are also higher! In addition to keys, completing Activity Quests also reward you with Leaderboard Points!

Quest Requirements and Rewards

The CHW Walking Quest resets every day at 0:00 UTC (See Respawn Timers page for specific Timezones).

There are 8 milestones each day.

On April 26th, 2022, a Medium article was released with changes to the Walking Quests, specifically the 7th and 8th tiers - https://medium.com/coin-hunt-world/chw-reward-system-tweaks-c1e7c3d2d429

Distance required:
The listed required distance for each milestone are crowd sourced by Coin Hunt World players and not accurate numbers. Step counting and distance calculation does not work the same way for each phone, player, locations, etc. Please use the numbers below only as a guide!


Milestone Steps Blue Key (US, CA, UK) /White Key (SV, PH, MY) Rewards Leaderboard Points (Approximate)
1 500 4 10
2 500 4 10
3 500 4 20
4 1000 4 30
5 1500 10 30
6 2000 10 50
7 3000 10 100
8 3000 20 200
Total 12000 66 450

Leaderboard Points

The table above estimates the LBP earned for each milestone based on crowdsourced discussions between players on the CHW Discord server. There is no guarantee to their accuracy and anyone with evidence suggesting how many LBP are earned are welcome to contact us with clarifications.


"My quest progress isn't increasing, what do I do?"

It appears that the walking quest progress bar only moves when the game detects GPS based movement and step based movement (like how a pedometer works). For example, if you are in a wheelchair, rolling from point A to B, your phone will not detect steps and so you will earn no progress. Conversely, if you are running on a treadmill or sitting in a chair shaking your phone up and down, your phone may register steps but since your GPS location is not moving you will earn no progress towards the activity quest.

Some phones don't have built in step counters and will not work at all.

Options for troubleshooting:

  • Make sure CHW has unlimited background access to data and battery by disabling any battery or data saver optimizations in your phone's settings.
  • Restarting your phone will reset the internal step counter (it won't lose your in game walking progress) which can sometimes help with getting steps to register again.
  • Using the right GPS mode (android) in the game can help improve GPS based distance tracking.
  • On the official Discord channel, make a post in the #i-need-help channel for further support.


  • Due to bad step tracking, it is possible to unintentionally fill more than 1 bar of walking quests all at once. When this occurs the game grants the player only the first reward box and the other boxes keys are lost. If you finish walking quest 4 and 5 at the same time, only 4 keys will be awarded. To avoid this, take a break if you notice steps are not tracking properly.