White Vault

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White Vault
How to Open alt= White KeyWhite Key
Respawn Timer 0:00 & 12:00 UTC
Where to Find El Salvador,



A Coin Hunt World White Vault can be opened with White Key. After successfully answering a Trivia Question the White Vault has a 33.3% chance to drop up to $0.002 USD worth of Cryptocurrency (Currently boosted to $0.01 during Closed Beta for all White Tier countries) and a 33.3% chance for a Resource Box. The remaining 33.3% players will get the choice between Cryptocurrency and a Resource Box.

  • White Tier Resource Boxes contain 200 Resin (100%), 25 of a random color Paint Green PaintYellow PaintBlue PaintRed PaintWhite Paint (100%), and a random color Cubie Blueprint Blue CubieGreen CubieYellow CubieRed CubieWhite Cubie (small chance).

Respawn Time

To check how often Vaults and Keys refresh go to Respawn Timers.

Where to find White Vaults

White Vaults are currently only available in El Salvador, Philippines, and Malaysia

Interaction Radius

You need to be within 30 meters of a White Vault to interact with it.


  • On November 21st, 2021 during a joint Twitch stream by khag and Beatsmebydre, Illusionweaver planted a white vault along their hunting route as a fun prank stating "Hey I get to have a little Sunday fun too right? 😀". As both are USA-based players they had no white keys they were unable to open it, but it was both a hilarious and exciting moment for the hunters and their viewers alike to see a white vault for the first time in the USA.
White Vault seen by Khag and Beatsmebydre on their Stream