Yellow Vault

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Yellow Vault
How to Open alt= Yellow KeyYellow Key
Value $3.50 - 10 USD
Respawn Time Every Monday at 12:00 UTC (See Respawn Timers page for specific Timezones)
Where to Find Yellow Vault Locations

A Coin Hunt World Yellow Vault can be opened with Yellow Keys. After successfully answering a Trivia Question the Yellow Vault will drop up to $10 USD worth of Cryptocurrency a third of the time, a Resource Box, or a choice of the two.

The Cryptocurrency reward is dependent on what gameplay mode you choose. If using chill mode, the reward is $5.00 USD given that you answer the question correctly before the timer elapses. If using Hunter Mode, the reward is dependent on how long you take to answer the trivia question correctly.

Yellow Vaults sometimes drop one Green Key. Less often, Yellow Vaults can drop a Yellow Key. Very rarely, a Yellow Vault can drop a Red Key.

Uservaults can not be placed within 100m of a Yellow Vault.

Interaction Radius

You need to be within 30 meters of a Yellow Vault in order to interact with it.

Where to find them

Players have to fill a Cubiecrane first before it can turn into a Yellow Vault. There is a list of all known locations at Yellow Vault Locations.

Yellow Vaults have also appeared during a Boosted Vault event where the Red Vault devolves to Yellow Vault after 3 hours and then devolves to a Green Vault after 3 hours.

Will there be more in the future?

Yes, the Developers and Illusionweaver announced that new Cubiecrane locations are determined by an algorithm that considers player density and existing Yellow Vaults.

The first trivia question

Every Yellow Vault has the same first question for each player and it will always be something about the vault location. The same question will appear for each try until the player answers the first question correctly. After that the Yellow Vault will trigger a random yellow tier question which won't repeat anymore.

Every finished Yellow Vault has its own page where you can find the first question and correct answer. See Yellow Vault Location for a complete list.


First Finished Yellow Vault

Granville Island, Vancouver BC filled their Cubiecrane first on May 14th 2021. The user Squeamy organized others to make sure they will win the competition and win the Foreman Cubie blueprint for the first finished Yellow Vault worldwide.

First Yellow Vault Question

Unofficial first Yellow Vault question from Toronto.