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Each Yellow Vault has a unique trivia question about its location. The first question a player will see from each new Yellow Vault they open is guaranteed to be this unique location-related question. Discover the question and answer before opening the vault by visiting its wiki page and earn an easy $10 USD in crypto!

List of all Yellow Vaults with links to their wiki pages!
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ID Vault Tier Category Question Answer
5441 Yellow Art A satirical rendering of a person or thing with exaggerated or distorted features is a? Caricature
5442 Yellow Art In Salvador Dali's famous 'The Persistence of Memory' how many clocks are facing up? 3
5443 Yellow Automotive Match the make to the models: 720S, GT and 600LT? McLaren
5444 Yellow Automotive Match the make to the models: C3, C4 and Berlingo? Citroen
5445 Yellow Automotive What car brand has the slogan "Building Cars, People First"? Perodua
5446 Yellow Automotive What car brand has the slogan "Drive your way"? Hyundai
5447 Yellow Automotive What car brand has the slogan "For life"? Volvo
5448 Yellow Automotive What car brand has the slogan "Fuel for the soul"? Pontiac
5449 Yellow Automotive What car brand has the slogan "Simply Clever"? Skoda
5450 Yellow Automotive What car brand has the slogan "Your next car"? Chrysler
5451 Yellow Automotive What country does MG originate from? England
5452 Yellow Automotive Which car brand has a rocket in its logo? Oldsmobile
5453 Yellow Books Charles Dickens had Great what? Expectations
5454 Yellow Books Which of the following historical figures died in 1616? William Shakespeare
5455 Yellow Books Who is the author of Stormbreaker? Anthony Horowitz
5456 Yellow Books Who wrote the book Jurassic Park? Michael Crichton
5457 Yellow Books Who wrote the novel "Native Son"? Richard Wright
5458 Yellow Books Whose real name was Mary Ann Evans? George Eliot
5459 Yellow Celebrity Eric Marlon Bishop is better known as who? Jamie Foxx
5460 Yellow Celebrity Famous 1960s model Twiggy was known as what? Lesley Hornby
5461 Yellow Celebrity Javier Bardem is married to what movie actress? Penelope Cruz
5462 Yellow Celebrity What aging rockstar married Penny Lancaster in 2007? Rod Stewart
5463 Yellow Celebrity What athlete used to be married to actress Halle Berry? David Justice
5464 Yellow Celebrity What is Demi Moore's real name? Demetria Guynes
5465 Yellow Celebrity What is O.J. Simpson's full name? Orenthall James Simpson
5466 Yellow Celebrity What is the real name of Doris Day? Doris Von Kappelhoff
5467 Yellow Celebrity What is the real name of Roy Rogers? Leonard Slye
5468 Yellow Celebrity What is the real name of Whoopi Goldberg? Caryn Johnson
5469 Yellow Celebrity What member of N'Sync was spotted with Tara Reid at the 2002 Billboard Music Awards? JC Chasez
5470 Yellow Celebrity Which of the actresses below isn't American? Kiera Knightley
5471 Yellow Celebrity Who did Oliver Martinez marry in 2013? Halle Berry
5472 Yellow Celebrity With what name was Judy Garland born with? Frances Gumm
5473 Yellow Celebrity “Ring” star Rachael Bella married what actor in 2006? Edward Furlong
5474 Yellow Chinese New Year What do many people go to the pagoda to do during the lunar New Year? Pray for a happy year
5475 Yellow Chinese New Year Which Chinese diety's birthday is celebrated on the fifth day of the Chinese New Year? God of wealth
5476 Yellow Christmas What does a candy cane's white color represent? The purity of Jesus
5477 Yellow Cinema Which of the following medical devices does Immortan Joe need to survive in Mad Max: Fury Road? A respirator
5478 Yellow Cinema Who played Mrs. Eleanor Iselin in the film The Manchurian Candidate? Angela Lansbury
5479 Yellow Cinema Who played Tina Turner in the film What's Love Got to Do With It? Angela Bassett
5480 Yellow Cinema Who played Tina Turner in the film What’s Love Got to do With It? Angela Bassett
5481 Yellow Cinema Who played Zorro in the film The Mark of Zorro (1940)? Tyrone Power
5482 Yellow Cryptocurrency A security measure where computer networks are not connected is known as what? Air Gap
5483 Yellow Cryptocurrency A security measure where computer networks are not connected is known as what? Air-Gap
5484 Yellow Cryptocurrency An application-specific integrated circuit is referred to as what? ASIC
5485 Yellow Cryptocurrency The difference between a buyer's highest bid and a seller's lowest ask is called what? Bid-Ask Spread
5486 Yellow Cryptocurrency What is an application specific integrated circuit called? ASIC
5487 Yellow Cryptocurrency What is the DigiByte trading symbol? DGB
5488 Yellow Cryptocurrency What is the Kusama trading symbol? KSM
5489 Yellow Cryptocurrency What is the minimum price a seller is willing to accept for an asset called? Ask Price
5490 Yellow Cryptocurrency What is the Siacoin trading symbol? SC
5491 Yellow Cryptocurrency What type of system provides liquidity to an exchange via automated trading? Automated Market Maker
5492 Yellow Cryptocurrency What's the stock ticker for blockbuster? BBI
5493 Yellow Entertainment "The Lord of the Ring: The Return of the King" was nominated for 11 Oscars. How many did it win? 11
5494 Yellow Entertainment Finish the Monty Python's The Tobaccoist phrase: "Drop your panties Sir William, I cannot ___". wait 'til lunchtime
5495 Yellow Entertainment In what TV series is Betty Suarez the main character? Ugly Betty
5496 Yellow Entertainment President Josiah Bartlett appears in which TV series? The West Wing
5497 Yellow Entertainment Prior to presenting Strictly Come Dancing and Britain's Got Talent Alesha Dixon was in which of these bands? Mis-Teeq
5498 Yellow Entertainment The FOX drama “The O.C.” gained much acclaim for something special related to production. What? the music
5499 Yellow Entertainment What is the name of the 1973 crime comedy in which Robert Redford and Paul Newman con a mob boss? The Sting
5500 Yellow Entertainment What is the name of the HBO series about a struggling writer who is moonlighting as a private detective? "Bored to Death"
5501 Yellow Entertainment What was Disney's technicolour feature triumph? Fantasia
5502 Yellow Entertainment which of these are the flare bottoms popularized in the 1960s, 1970s? Bell-bottoms
5503 Yellow Entertainment Which pale-faced beauty had hits with the songs 'Take Me Home', and 'Murder On The Dance Floor? Sophie Ellis Bextor
5504 Yellow Entertainment Who play Harry and Sally in "When Harry Met Sally"? Billy Crystal and Meg Ryan
5505 Yellow Entertainment Who was the Beverly Hills cop? Eddie Murphy
5506 Yellow Entertainment Who won the Academy Award for Best Actor in 1982, playing Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi in 'Gandhi'? Ben Kingsley
5507 Yellow Fashion Protective coverings of cloth or leather for the ankles and lower legs are known as? Gaiters
5508 Yellow Films Einstein is a dog in which film? Back To The Future
5509 Yellow Films How many Oscars did Gigi win? Nine (9)
5510 Yellow Films In what year was Pocahontas released? 1995
5511 Yellow Films Nana is a dog in which film? Peter Pan
5512 Yellow Films What does Matt Damon's character have a gift for in Good Will Hunting? Math
5513 Yellow Films What is the first name of Dr. No? Julius
5514 Yellow Films What superhero is The Dark Knight? Batman
5515 Yellow Films What year was Fujifilm founded? 1934
5516 Yellow Films Which year was the movie 'MASH' made? 1970
5517 Yellow Films Who directed Michael Caine in Alfie? Lewis Gilbert
5518 Yellow Films Who fought Godzilla in 1998? Matthew Broderick
5519 Yellow Films Who starred in Mary Poppins? Julie Andrews
5520 Yellow Films Who stars in the film, Chinatown? Faye Dunaway
5521 Yellow Films Who was the villain in Peter Pan? Captain Hook
5522 Yellow Food and Drink Arabic coffee is a beverage from which country? Saudi Arabia
5523 Yellow Food and Drink Fontina cheese comes from what country? Italy
5524 Yellow Food and Drink Pu Ehr is a beverage from what country? China
5525 Yellow Food and Drink Ryazhenka is a beverage from what country? Ukraine
5526 Yellow Food and Drink What dish contains eggs, cream, lemon juice and sugar? Pavlova
5527 Yellow Food and Drink What is the national dish of Zimbabwe? sadza
5528 Yellow Food and Drink What kind of soup is this? (showed a picture of soup that was yellow and blackish) shark fin soup
5529 Yellow General Knowledge Andre Cassagnes invented which hit toy? Etch a Sketch
5530 Yellow General Knowledge Aside from lending his name to a breed of dog, what did Jack Russel do? Clergyman
5531 Yellow General Knowledge Dolce and Gabbana displayed their first time at fashion week In Milan in what year? 1985
5532 Yellow General Knowledge From what threepart name did the British royal family change its name to Windsor? Saxe-Coburg and Gotha
5533 Yellow General Knowledge How did Princess Diana die in 1997? Car crash
5534 Yellow General Knowledge How many questions does Duncan Bannatyne cover in his book '_____ questions everyone in business needs to answer'? 37
5535 Yellow General Knowledge If you live in London and are going on holiday to Paris, which of these would not be a good way of getting there? Bike
5536 Yellow General Knowledge In the 20th century, Bobby Fischer and Boris Spassky were arch rivals at what? Chess
5537 Yellow General Knowledge In the 20th century, who came between Lady Bird and Betty? Pat
5538 Yellow General Knowledge In what Post Code is Hoxton Square? N1
5539 Yellow General Knowledge Lactation is another term for what? Breastfeeding
5540 Yellow General Knowledge The common cold is what kind of virus? Rhino
5541 Yellow General Knowledge The Earth's Equator is approximately how many millions of meters in length? 40
5542 Yellow General Knowledge The end of which war was characterized by and era of "perestroika" and "glasnost"? Cold War
5543 Yellow General Knowledge The octal numbering system consists of how many digits? 8
5544 Yellow General Knowledge What are Dunbar Rover, Yukon Gold and Sharpe's Express types of? Potatoes
5545 Yellow General Knowledge What are the standard colors of candy corn? Yellow, orange, white
5546 Yellow General Knowledge What creatures in Greek mythology are described as man-eating giants with a single eye in the middle of their forehead? Cyclops
5547 Yellow General Knowledge What do all the degrees in a rectangle add up to? 360
5548 Yellow General Knowledge What is a young swan called? Cygnet
5549 Yellow General Knowledge What letters do you have to swap in COMPUTER to become a traveller? P to M
5550 Yellow General Knowledge What two letters in Scrabble give you 8 points? J and X
5551 Yellow General Knowledge What word means "getting pleasure from other people's misfortunes"? Schadenfreude
5552 Yellow General Knowledge What year was the Berlin Wall built? 1961
5553 Yellow General Knowledge Where was ex-British Prime Minister Tony Blair born? Scotland
5554 Yellow General Knowledge Which chemical symbol represents Gold? Au
5555 Yellow General Knowledge Which fashion house has Karl Lagerfeld led since 1983? Chanel
5556 Yellow General Knowledge Which of these is a type of bird? Starling
5557 Yellow General Knowledge Which of these numbers is not a prime number? 69
5558 Yellow General Knowledge Which of these words is the adjective? Runny
5559 Yellow General Knowledge Which real-life criminal is portrayed by Johnny Depp in the 2009 movie 'Public Enemies'? John Dillinger
5560 Yellow General Knowledge Who was the author of the controversial Architecture Book "Super City"? Alsop
5561 Yellow General Knowledge With whom did Nelson Mandela share the 1993 Nobel Peace Prize? F.W. de Klerk
5562 Yellow Geography Iberia is made up of which two countries? Portugal And Spain
5563 Yellow Geography In what continent is Mauritania located? Africa
5564 Yellow Geography Islamabad is the capital of which "P"? Pakistan
5565 Yellow Geography Map Photo Turkmenistan
5566 Yellow Geography Tenerife is in which group of islands? Canaries
5567 Yellow Geography The architect Oscar Niemeyer designed which city? Brasilia
5568 Yellow Geography The bore is located on which British river? Severn
5569 Yellow Geography What are the official languages of Malta? Maltese and English
5570 Yellow Geography What city is known as "Toytown"? Munich
5571 Yellow Geography What is Brazil's second largest city? Rio de Janeiro
5572 Yellow Geography What is the capital of Aruba? Oranjestad
5573 Yellow Geography What is the capital of Bolivia? Sucre
5574 Yellow Geography What is the capital of Mali? Bamako
5575 Yellow Geography What is the capital of South Sudan? Juba
5576 Yellow Geography What is the capital of St Vincent and Grenadines? Kingstown
5577 Yellow Geography What is the capital of Yemen Sana'a
5578 Yellow Geography What is the official language of Estonia? Estonian
5579 Yellow Geography What is the tallest mountain in the Alps? Mont Blanc
5580 Yellow Geography What percentage of earths volcanic activity happens underwater? 80 90 percent
5581 Yellow Geography What South American country borders two oceans. Columbia
5582 Yellow Geography What year did the Chunnel tunnel open? 1994
5583 Yellow Geography What's another name for Tennessee? Volunteer State
5584 Yellow Geography What's the official language of Zimbabwe? English
5585 Yellow Geography What, in Ireland, is Slieve Commedagh? Mountain
5586 Yellow Geography Where is Loch Ness located? Scotland
5587 Yellow Geography Which city is known as "Tiger City"? Oslo
5588 Yellow Geography Which continent is Cameroon in? Africa
5589 Yellow Geography Which continent is El Salvador in? North America
5590 Yellow Geography Which of these cities is NOT in Ohio? Nashville
5591 Yellow Geography Which two colors are on the Peru Flag? White and Red
5592 Yellow Geography Which US state is surrounded by water? Hawaii
5593 Yellow Geography Who was the first US president to reside in the White House? John Adams
5594 Yellow Hawaii Event What year did Kamehameha I unify the Hawaiian Islands 1810
5595 Yellow Health and Medicine Diagnose this: excessive daytime sleepiness, sleep paralysis, hallucinations? Narcolepsy
5596 Yellow Health and Medicine Kwashiorkor is a deficiency in what? Protein
5597 Yellow Health and Medicine Rhinovirus is more commonly known as: The common cold
5598 Yellow Health and Medicine The adrenals are part of which system? Endocrine
5599 Yellow Health and Medicine The bowman capsule is part of what organ? Kidneys
5600 Yellow Health and Medicine What can be used for treatment of someone with Allergies? Antihistamines
5601 Yellow Health and Medicine What is recommended for a bloody nose? Pinch your nose
5602 Yellow Health and Medicine What kind of doctor specializes in the treatment of the elderly? Geriatrician
5603 Yellow Health and Medicine What medical term describes “a recurrent, persisting condition like heart disease”? Chronic
5604 Yellow Health and Medicine What type of doctor specializes in diagnosing and treating male reproductive issues? Andrologist
5605 Yellow Health and Medicine What type of doctor specializes in diagnosing and treating sleep disorders? Somnologist
5606 Yellow Health and Medicine Where in the body is the calcaneus located? Foot
5607 Yellow Health and Medicine Which of the following suggestions is given to a person with a nosebleed? Pinch the nose
5608 Yellow History What led to the fall of the Mali Empire? Mansa Musa's death
5609 Yellow History When was the Mexican Revolution? 1911 - 1920
5610 Yellow Lifestyle A builder working on the roof crashed through the ceiling during which London Fashion Week show in 2014? Topshop
5611 Yellow Lifestyle Adding rennet and bacterial starter to milk makes an unripened cheese called what? Farmer cheese
5612 Yellow Lifestyle Approximately how many people are employed in the UK fashion industry? 400,000
5613 Yellow Lifestyle At Alexander McQueen's 2010 London Fasion Week show, what did the models refuse to wear? 12 inch heels
5614 Yellow Lifestyle Basmati rice is popular in Indian cuisine, but what does 'basmati' mean? Fragrant one
5615 Yellow Lifestyle Brioche is a type of what? Bread
5616 Yellow Lifestyle Butternuts are also known as what? White walnut
5617 Yellow Lifestyle Desigual a designer brand from fashion week is from which country? Spain
5618 Yellow Lifestyle Gucci hired which designer to launch a ready to wear line at the Fashion Weeks in 1990? Tom Ford
5619 Yellow Lifestyle How old was the youngest fashion blogger to be invited to London Fashion Week in 2012? 12
5620 Yellow Lifestyle If child birth requires intervention and the baby needs vacuum extraction which of these terms would describe it? Ventouse
5621 Yellow Lifestyle In 2011 Victoria Beckham launched a lower-priced fashion range at New York Fashion Week. What is it called? Victoria
5622 Yellow Lifestyle In Chess, how does a pawn capture another piece? Diagonally
5623 Yellow Lifestyle In Chess, the Knight moves in what letter shape? L
5624 Yellow Lifestyle In Draughts, how does a regular piece move during a non-capturing turn? Forward Diagonally to the nearest
5625 Yellow Lifestyle Shoes with red soles are associated with which designer? Christian Louboutin
5626 Yellow Lifestyle Stonewashed is a term that describes a kind of what fashion item? Jeans
5627 Yellow Lifestyle The adrenal gland is located by which organ? Kidney
5628 Yellow Lifestyle What form of clothing are Lyle and Scott famous for? Knitwear
5629 Yellow Lifestyle What is the "coccyx" known as? the tailbone
5630 Yellow Lifestyle Where is fashion designer Antonio Ortega from? Mexico
5631 Yellow Lifestyle Which shape of a diamond is named after a fruit? Pear cut
5632 Yellow Lifestyle Who is the sponsor of graduate fashion week? George
5633 Yellow Mathematics How many square inches are there in a square foot? 144
5634 Yellow Music 'Rockaway Beach' was a song by what group? Ramones
5635 Yellow Music Complete the Count Basie song title: "One O'Clock ___" Jump
5636 Yellow Music Complete the Deep Purple song title "Smoke on the " Water
5637 Yellow Music Dj Osane learnt his craft in which city? New York
5638 Yellow Music In which decade was Celine Dion born? 1960s
5639 Yellow Music Lady Gaga had a 2010 hit with which song? Alejandro
5640 Yellow Music Limahl fronted which british pop group? Kajagoogoo
5641 Yellow Music The song 'Love' is from which Disney film? Robin Hood
5642 Yellow Music What band members were in Season 2 of Sons of Anarchy? Anvil
5643 Yellow Music What did Chuck D call 'the black CNN'? Rap music
5644 Yellow Music What is Beyoncé’s alter ego? Sasha Fierce
5645 Yellow Music What is Chris Martin's son's name? Moses
5646 Yellow Music Where in the US were Green Day formed? California
5647 Yellow Music Where is the singer Sade from? England
5648 Yellow Music Which 'dog' was a hit for the Beatles? Hey Bulldog
5649 Yellow Music Which artist released the song "(Everything I Do) I Do It for You" in 1991? Bryan Adams
5650 Yellow Music Which artist released the song "You Light Up My Life" in 1977? Debby Boone
5651 Yellow Music Which of these is a type of small drum? Tabor
5652 Yellow Music Which of these is Egyptian Jihan Rateb? All of the above
5653 Yellow Music Which of these was a Prefab Spout album? Steve McQueen
5654 Yellow Music Which singer won 'American Idol' in 2008? David Cook
5655 Yellow Music Who composed Symphony No. 40? Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
5656 Yellow Music Who is known as “the prince of darkness?” Ozzy Osborne
5657 Yellow Music Who released Dance to the Music in 1968? Sly and the Family Stone
5658 Yellow Music Who wrote the album "Yankee Hotel Foxtrot"? Wilco
5659 Yellow Science At what depth does the Dragonfish live? 2 km
5660 Yellow Science Bowie Seamount is what? Undersea volcano
5661 Yellow Science Capillary action refers to the movement of which substance? Liquids
5662 Yellow Science Except for size, what is one of the distinct features between pigeons and doves? Tail Shape
5663 Yellow Science From which plant do we get linseed oil? Flax
5664 Yellow Science How fast can a Sei Whale swim? 50km
5665 Yellow Science How high can a dolphin jump out of the water? 25ft
5666 Yellow Science How long can a sea snake live? 10 years
5667 Yellow Science If a substance has a pH of 6, what is it? slightly acidic
5668 Yellow Science In relation to body size which bird lays the largest egg? Kiwi
5669 Yellow Science In which sort of habitat are you most likely to see a great crested grebe? Lake
5670 Yellow Science Jupiter's orbit around the sun? 11.8 years
5671 Yellow Science Lobate scarps are a feature of which planet? Mercury
5672 Yellow Science More distant galaxies are moving how? Quickest
5673 Yellow Science Olympus Mons is a large volcanic mountain on which planet? Mars
5674 Yellow Science One of the main problems with viruses is that they do what to host cells? Feed on them
5675 Yellow Science Plant sap is contained in what part of the cell? Vacuole
5676 Yellow Science The control centre of a cell is said to be the what? Nucleus
5677 Yellow Science The highest ocean tides in the world occur off the coast of where? Canada
5678 Yellow Science The movement of pollen from the anthers to the stigma of a flower is known as what? Pollination
5679 Yellow Science The part of a plant stem between nodes is called? Internode
5680 Yellow Science Titan is the moon of what planet? Saturn
5681 Yellow Science What bird boasts the biggest eyes of any land animal? Ostrich
5682 Yellow Science What do pigeons usually eat? Grains, Fruits and Berries
5683 Yellow Science What is the smallest penguin? Little Blue Penguin
5684 Yellow Sport (US) 2016 NBA Finals: How many points did Steph Curry score in Game 3 against Cleveland Cavaliers? 19
5685 Yellow Sport (US) In what year did the Chicago Cubs last win a world series? 2016
5686 Yellow Sport (US) The baseball team the Detroit Tigers were formed in what year? 1894
5687 Yellow Sport (US) The UFC is an MMA promotion based out of where? United States
5688 Yellow Sport (US) Which Cincinnati quarterback was injured in the wild-card game against Pittsburgh? Carson Palmer
5689 Yellow Sport (US) Which Super Bowl was the song "It's Gonna Be Me" performed at? Super Bowl XXXV
5690 Yellow Sport (US) Which team won the 2011-12 NHL Presidents' Trophy? Vancouver Canucks
5691 Yellow Sports In baseball, the fourth batter in the batting order, usually a power hitter, is the? Cleanup
5692 Yellow Sports In baseball, what term refers to the pitcher and the catcher battery
5693 Yellow Sports Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and Magic Johnson were teammates on which NBA team? Los Angeles Lakers
5694 Yellow Sports What is it called when a golf ball lands in the water but is not penalized? Casual water
5695 Yellow Sports What NFL quarterback is known by the nickname "gunslinger"? Brett Favre
5696 Yellow Sports Which athlete is known as "The Cobra"? Dave Parker
5697 Yellow Technology A camera is used to take what? Photographs
5698 Yellow Technology Autoliv has which ticker symbol? ALV
5699 Yellow Technology Beckii Cruel gained YouTube notoriety by dancing to pop songs from which country? Japan
5700 Yellow Technology Bing offers what kind of service? Search Engine
5701 Yellow Technology BK is the ticker symbol for which company? Bank of New York Mellon Corp
5702 Yellow Technology Due to contributions to applications like Wikipedia and Myspace, in 2006, who won Time's Person of the Year? You
5703 Yellow Technology EMN is the ticker symbol for which company? Eastman Chemical
5704 Yellow Technology Facebook was originally created for who to keep in touch? Students
5705 Yellow Technology FPL is the ticker for which company? FPL Group
5706 Yellow Technology GUI is short for what? Graphical User Interface
5707 Yellow Technology Heart monitors built into what are now readily available? Watches
5708 Yellow Technology Henry Ford founded the Ford car company in which year? 1903
5709 Yellow Technology HNZ is the ticker symbol for which company? H.J. Heinz
5710 Yellow Technology How is Laina Morris more popularly known in a meme which began life on a YouTube video? Overly Attachted Girlfriend
5711 Yellow Technology How many day was there between the announcement of the iPad Mini 3 and its release? 6
5712 Yellow Technology If a charged object is brought near to an uncharged one, what happens? They attract
5713 Yellow Technology In 2012, a video of Barack Obama singing what artist went viral on YouTube? Al Green
5714 Yellow Technology In physics, by measuring current through and potential difference across a component what can you calculate? Resistance
5715 Yellow Technology In what year did Apple IPO to sell shares to the public? 1980
5716 Yellow Technology In which city are the headquarters of Twitter? San Francisco
5717 Yellow Technology James Rolfe is popular on YouTube as an 'Angry Nerd', what is the subject of his videos? Video Games
5718 Yellow Technology KBR has which ticker symbol? KBR
5719 Yellow Technology Liz Claiborne has which ticker symbol? LIZ
5720 Yellow Technology Located in Santa Clarita Valley this is the high tech hub of the US Silicon Valley
5721 Yellow Technology What state has the smallest Apple Store? California
5722 Yellow Technology When was MacOS Panther released? 2003
5723 Yellow Technology Which year did the first iPhone hit the market? 2007
5724 Yellow Technology Who sent the first email? Ray Tomlinson
5725 Yellow Toys and Games What genre best describes the video game Company of Heroes Real Time Strategy
5726 Yellow Toys and Games What genre best describes the video game Monkey Island 2: LeChuck's Revenge? Adventure
5727 Yellow Toys and Games What genre best describes the video game Rome: Total War? Strategy
5728 Yellow Toys and Games Who published Devil May Cry 3: Dante's Awakening? Capcom
5729 Yellow TV A man keeps seeing the neighbor's dog as a talking Australian man in a dog costume. Wilfred
5730 Yellow TV A radio psychiatrist lives with his elderly father and psychic health care worker. Frasier
5731 Yellow TV According to the meme, which animal is socially awkward? Penguin
5732 Yellow TV In what decade did the show Firefly premiere? 2000s
5733 Yellow TV Lisa Kudrow played what character on The Comeback? Valerie Cherish
5734 Yellow TV On which TV game show of the past would teams play their joker? It's a Knockout
5735 Yellow TV Rachel Khoo presents TV cooking programmes from her kitchen in what city? Paris
5736 Yellow TV Saul Berenson is a character from which US TV show? Homelands
5737 Yellow TV What could Parker Lewis not do? Lose
5738 Yellow TV What is the family's last name on Supernatural? Winchester
5739 Yellow TV What show has the famous catchphrase: 'Good night, John-Boy.' The Waltons
5740 Yellow TV Who played the overtly promiscuous divorce lawyer Arnie Becker on the Emmy-winning series L.A. Law? Corbin Bernsen
5741 Yellow Word Play What does the suffix "-ic" mean? Having characteristics of
5742 Yellow Word Play What is the meaning of the root word "crypt"? to hide
5743 Yellow Word Play What is the meaning of the root word "hypno"? Sleep
5744 Yellow Word Play What is the meaning of the root word 'pater'? Father
5745 Yellow Word Play What is the meaning of the root word -gen? Birth
5746 Yellow Word Play What is the meaning of the root word: "corp"? body
5747 Yellow Word Play What is the meaning of the root word: "pater"? father
5748 Yellow Word Play What is the meaning of the root word: "vis" and "vid"? to see
5749 Yellow Word Play What is the meaning of the suffix: “-ion”, “-tion”, “-ation” and “-ition”? Act or process
5750 Yellow Word Play What word means "raise objections or show reluctance"? Demur
5751 Yellow Word Play What word means "an example from the past"? Precedent
5752 Yellow Word Play What word means "deserving or causing public disgrace or shame"? Ignominious
5753 Yellow Word Play What word means "the continued control or possession of something"? Retention
5754 Yellow Word Play What word means "to be full of"? Teeming
5755 Yellow Word Play What word means "to critique"? Reproach
5756 Yellow Word Play What word means "to formally state an opinion"? opine
5757 Yellow Word Play What word means "to formally state an opinion?" Opine
5758 Yellow Word Play What word means "verifiable by observation or experience rather than theory or pure logic"? Empirical
5759 Yellow Word Play What word means “an example from the previous time”? Precedent